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Dec 30, 2009 06:07 AM

ISO Sonoran Style Hot Dogs in the Bay Area

I heard this NPR story about Sonoran Hot Dogs (link below). Seems about 20 years ago the hot dog crossed the border and was given a Mexican twist in Hermasillo. Since then the Sonoran Hot Dog crossed the border and is available in Tuscon & Phoenix. Anyone seen these around here? I suspect Redwood City, but have not seen them. I've found enough bacon wrapped hot dogs around here, but would like to find the authentic Sonoran dog if it exists.

From Wikipedia:
"The Sonoran hot dog, found in Tucson, Metro Phoenix, and in neighboring Sonora, Mexico, is a hot dog grilled in a processor or on a griddle, wrapped in Mesquite-smoked bacon, topped with freshly-chopped tomatoes, onions, shredded yellow or cotijo cheese, tomatillo salsa or red chili sauce, pinto beans, mayonnaise, ketchup and/or mustard, and served on bread. Often served with a fresh-roasted chili."

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Thanks Melanie, I tried searching but that thread didn't pop up. Doesn't sound like there is anything like what's described in the article. But if it's out there, Fruitvale would probably be the place.

      1. re: Shane Greenwood

        I have a hunch there are some hot doggeros roaming San Jose, we just haven't heard about them.

    2. I got one from the taco truck parked at the Marin dump in San Rafael (can't beat the ambiance - peacocks even!) but the hot dog was disappointing - a so so dog, bacon, mayo, ketchup and mustard on an American hot dog bun. Not recommended.

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      1. re: tomatoaday

        What did you expect at the dump? Mayo. mustard and ketchup should be a dead givaway.

        1. re: OldTimer

          The location didn't bother me at all - I'm sure I have eaten in much less appealing spots. The thing that made me unhappy was the food, billed as a Mexican hot dog, that when it appeared was much less than what I was expecting. If I had liked the food, the dump would have become a regular spot in the Marin rotation for lunch.

        2. re: tomatoaday

          That doesn't sound like a Sonoran hot dog anyway. There are many bacon wrapped dogs but I'm looking for one like what they're making in the article. Thanks for the tip though.

        3. As with the torta, the above sounds like it would be really good if half the ingredients are omitted. Not sure I get the appeal of "con todos" (with everything)

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          1. re: Agent 510

            Hard to say until I actually try one. The stories about the authentic Sonoran Dog with the cojito, tomatillo salsa, pinto beans, et al definitely have me curious try one in its con todo glory. Might have to make one myself since the Bay Area seems to be coming up short on this one.

            1. re: Agent 510

              You and me both, Agent510! Maybe my tastes are overly influenced by the fact that California cuisine is my native cuisine, but I'm really not a fan of the "everything but the kitchen sink" (or perhaps, "everything in the condiment aisle") school of gastonomy.

            2. I get around a bit in redwood city, and haven't seen anything similar. Will keep my eyes peeled.

              PS. The Al Pastor at Los Gemelos is very, very good.

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              1. re: bbulkow

                I actually got to try one of these in Phoenix this weekend, at Nogales Hot Dogs on Indian Spring Rd.

                Not bad. It was definitely the authentic "real deal" (minus ketchup and mustard, the lack of which made it even better). Really hard to eat though, unless you lie down sideways.

                I believe I read that there are regulations as to how these things can be cooked (on-site grilling is illegal, at least in Phoenix) so if the same is true in the Bay Area, I believe hell will freeze over before someone sells these things here.

              2. Last Fall, for our recent driving trip to Mazatlán last December (passing through Phoenix (going) and Tucson (coming) I Googled the bejusus out of "Sonoran Hotdog" and found some great websites for those dogs in both cities and a few in northern Sonora towns. Most all were "taco truck" places either mobile or permanently installed on a large concrete slab. I'm not going to go to the trouble of tracking down all the links I found, but I can tell you one thing: There are NO comparable Sonoran dogs anywhere in the Bay Area. Some things just don't travel well. If you are really craving one, just get in your car and drive to Tucson; it's not all that far and there are so many things to see, do, and eat in Tucson (and Phoenix and northern Sonora). You could try to make your own, but it's rather difficult if you don't know exactly what they're supposed to taste like.