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Dec 30, 2009 05:56 AM

$10 or less lunch - Uptown New Orleans

Here's my problem... I need to order lunch to-go (Uptown) on a daily basis for 25 people... the budget is only $10 per person... vegetarians & meat-eaters. I'm having a hard time. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Thank you!! Happy New Year!

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  1. Truly, uptown is probably the best neighborhood in the city to have this problem. Inexpensive lunches abound, and it probably has more veggie options than, say, Kenner.

    Cafe Lebanon or Mona's (a few blocks apart on Carrollton Ave) should definitely be in your rotation, as both offer lunch items for $10 or less with veggie & carnivore options. Jazmine Cafe, a vietnamese place in Riverbend, has lots of veggie options and a wide variety of noodle soups, rice plates, bahn mi, and bun dishes under $10. Partial menu here:

    If your vegetarians will eat dairy, you can get great sandwiches from St. James Cheese on Prytania (, which will cost less than $10/pop. Just down from St James is La Thai; I was surprised by the quality of the food on a recent visit. IIRC, the lunch specials hovered around $10, but were definitely large enough to share.

    Also check out La Madeline's catering menus; LM does box lunches & salads, and I've found the current manager accomodating to special, large-order, to-go requests. Also in the salads/sandwiches vein: Gott Gourmet.

    Don't overlook pizza: the Dough Bowl has giant pies, lots of veg toppings, and the pizza is pretty darn good, if you like thin-crust NY style. And they'll deliver. Ditto for Slice or Theo's.

    1. I agree with Celeste. There are lots of choices, so you have the option of changing up almost daily and staying within your budget. Felipe's is a great value and the veggie burrito is one of the best things on the menu. Boswell's Jamaican, although not really uptown, Its a quick trip down Jeff Davis Pkwy to Tulane Ave, should fit your bill.

      1. Nirvana does a fantastic catering and I know we kept it under $200 for a function with about 20 people.

        Also, Refuel* is great for sandwiches under $10 and they do catering (breakfast for lunch) every Friday for a local school so I'm sure it would work. The vegetarians love our Porto and Caprese sandwiches. I love the chicken quesadilla and the chicken salad sandwich.

        I agree about Mona's, St. James' Cheese sandwiches (mozarella pesto is amazing!), and Felipe's. Went to Felipe's last night for pork tacos and a shrimp flauta and it really hit the spot! And that place was bumpin' on Tuesday night as well.

        *In the interest of full disclosure, I am a long time regular and now part time waiter at Refuel.