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Dec 30, 2009 05:55 AM

Looking for sourdough starter in Phoenix

Suspect I will just have to mail order, but was hoping to find something local if possible.

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  1. Simply Bread produces outstanding loaves using their own starters. From the company's Web site:

    "Unbeknownst to Yankellow, [founder Harold] Back had diligently done his homework before coming to class, as there had been one obstacle that had haunted him since his first dream of building a bakery in Phoenix on a par with San Francisco: how to develop a sourdough starter that could withstand the tough and arid Arizona conditions. So, with his usual determination and pluck, Back crafted two sourdough starters (which he named Eunice and Eudora) at home and nurtured them on his kitchen countertop until he was confident that they could kick-start his bakery."

    The question is if these are available for purchase, or considered a competitive advantage not to be sold. You might call to check.

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      I also recall an article about the Phonecian's bakery and their starter which is decades old.

    2. Sounds like my January project. Also wonder if there are any pizza places that have their own starter...

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        I think the crust at Humble Pie has a bit of a sourdough flavor, but, I've never asked.