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Dec 30, 2009 02:38 AM

Sausage options for "bangers and mash"?

I'm making "bangers and mash" for the first time and would like it to taste right, so what are some good sausage options? TIA

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  1. Can you not get English Style Bangers?? Where we are it's not hard to find.

    A simple breakfast link is what you want. Salt and pepper would be the only seasonings.


    1. I'd use a good quailty sausage in a casing (Lincolnshire or Cumberland but I'm in the UK). You also need lashings of gravy - I like onion gravy and this recipe from Nigel Slater is to die for.

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        Where are you efdee? You definitely need English sausages - are they available where you live?

        Thanks for the Nigel Slater link greedygirl....mmmmmmmmmtoad in the hole :-)

        1. re: Athena

          Ok, ok, I'm convinced. I'm in Brooklyn and can get bangers (at Myers), but was trying to find an acceptable local substitute. WF is almost as far from where I am as Myers is, but there I can get mushy peas too : ) Thanks for all the replies, and special thanks, greedygirl, for the great gravy recipe. Yum! and Happy New Year.

          1. re: efdee

            Mushy peas are for fish and chips. I'd have ordinary (frozen) pea with sausage and mash, myself.

            1. re: greedygirl

              How generous Chowhounds are. Thanks to all of you, my dinner will be: (real) bangers, mashed, Nigel Slater's onion gravy, and non-mushy, ordinary peas. I can't wait : )

      2. Agreed that English style bangers are essential. In my area I can even find them at Whole Foods (they call them Irish style bangers) in the fresh meat case.

        1. As others have said, for it to taste "right", you need British or Irish style sausages. Don't just look for English ones as others from our country's other regions or Ireland will do fine and be in the same taste tradition. Much as I like Cumberland sausages, they are traditionally sold by the length, in a coil, and don't look right as "bangers and mash".

          Onion gravy is essential.