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Phoenix area Churchs Fried Chicken

Any other fried chicken fans in Phx? I am visiting and wondering which location is considered to be the best of the Churchs locations?

Also open to other fried chicken suggestions!


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  1. I have not had Church's chicken yet, but I know there is one at the NWC of 19th Avenue and Camelback.

    The best fried chicken IMO is LoLo's. Second best would be Texaz Grill. IMHO

    1. Church's? I don't think so. Totally agree on Lo Lo's however.

      1. Is there a cult of Church's Fried Chicken, as oxymoronic (or redundant depending on your POV) as the cult of a church might sound? Seriously, I always viewed Church's as nothing special, but maybe I've been missing something.

        I'd echo JerryMe's suggestions and add another off-beat one. Lolo's and Texaz do excellent traditional fried chicken meant to be eaten by hand. A more upscale restaurant, Noca, does fried chicken as part of its Simple Sunday suppers. Lolo's and Noca recently engaged in a battle of the fried chickens:


        Here are some other threads on the subject:


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          And even if Church's were something special, should a person expect the food at one location to be markedly better than the food at another? Aren't consistency and predictability across locations among the main draws for these kinds of chains?

          Perhaps there are subtle distinctions that are lost on my uneducated palate?

          1. re: hohokam

            In the 80's Church's made the best fried chicken anywhere. The problem was, and still is, the fact that each location (manager) is pretty much left to their own devices. The reason the chain has done so poorly over the years and retracted is because the head office was never strict enough to police all the locations. It really is too bad. So some locations change the oil regularly and others let it get black. Because I am visiting from a place altogether void of Church's now, I was hoping there was a good one left in PHX. It sounds like there isn't.

            But we will try Lolo's for sure!

            Thanks a lot!

            1. re: DineNDasher

              Ah. I see. Didn't realize it was such a crap shoot. I'm pretty sure I haven't eaten food from Church's more than twice in my whole life; so, the best run Church's franchise could be right under my nose and I wouldn't even know it.

              Hope LoLo's works out for you.

        2. had some really tasty fried chicken and dirty rice from louisiana fried chicken at the great cajun fest. haven't been to their actual location yet, but need to get there soon. perhaps you should branch out.

          1. We tried to go to Mrs White's Golden Rule Cafe but it was closed but my friends swear this is the place for fried chicken and soul food.

            808 E Jefferson St, Phoenix, AZ 85034
            (602) 262-9256

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            1. re: Beach Chick

              Mrs. White is the grandmother of Larry "Lo-Lo" White of Lolo's Chicken and Waffles, so good chicken runs in the family. I love Mrs. White's but don't get there as often as I'd like due to the early closing time of 7 PM.

              1. re: silverbear

                And his grandmother gave him her fried chicken recipe. Both places are good but Lo Lo's downtown (there is another in Scottsdale) has the "atmosphere."

            2. Funny - my dad always swore by Popeye's chicken. I never got it either, mainly because I've been so indoctrinated that one bite of fried food is instant death, but apparently some chicken places have a following.

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              1. re: AllPhoenix

                I get the cult of Popeye's. I tried it for the first time in a non-touristy neighborhood of pre-Katrina New Orleans and was wowed by the greasy goodness. Nevertheless, for reasons similar to yours, I have made it a treat I swear to have no more than once every few years.

                1. re: silverbear

                  Popeye's is spicy which I kind of liked. Honestly I am not sure I've ever eaten Church's fried chicken but it's hard to imagine fast food chicken tasting better than Lo Lo's, Mrs. Whites, NOCA, Etc.

                  1. re: Phoenix99

                    I have a soft spot for Church's in my memory banks and was simply seeking to re-engage it. Lolos was awesome!

                    1. re: DineNDasher

                      I'll back you up on Church's.....I've always felt it was by far the best of the fast food chicken options. It's not something I get often, but if you're in town in the future, the Chandler location on Arizona Ave. has always been consistent.

              2. Thanks to everyone for helping out!

                Lolos really was fantastic. The only thing I could do to improve on this perfect fried chicken is add a bit of heat. I enjoyed dipping into the spicy honey sauce but I love how Gus' in Memphis has a touch of heat that never overwhelms. That being said, Lolo's chicken wins hands down! I could eat piece after piece of this golden light juicy bird.

                The sides were great!!!! The mac n cheese was thick n cheesy and not the wet, thin cream sauce variety. The corn bread was crispy on the outside and moist within and the perfect amount of sweet without it tasting like dessert. The sweet candy (candy yams) are awesome even if a bit on the sweet side - it is a spiced wet stew of chunky yams that is addictive. The beans and rice are perfectly cooked and seasoned and the ratio of beans to rice was also even and perfect. We had french fries which were above average and finally the waffle which was probably excellent but in my own personal opinion just couldn't compete with everything else going on so I reserve comment.

                I have been to every top spot for fried chicken and sides in New Orleans and Memphis and I have to say that Lolos does it best. I regret having to fly back to Toronto this Friday.

                Other great food on my trip....

                I really liked the juicy and well charred medium rare burger at indulge. While the regular fries were just ok I did enjoy the sweet potato fries. BLT in Vegas is superior for its beefy taste but Indulge does deliver a juicy tasty burger on a great brioche. They serve home cooked potato chips when you sit down which could be great, but for us they suffered greatly from being over-fried with sugars burnt.

                The onion rings at Zipps are top notch! Really perfectly prepared to my liking. The Zipparitas were pretty damn great too. I thought the chili was just ok.

                Fogo De Chao was very good. Had I not been so spoiled by Texas de Brazil in both Memphis and Vegas, I would say it was excellent, but TdB really is the best in class. FdC has an OK salad bar and while there are some fantastic meats like the the garlic sirloin and the house specialty, there are real dogs like the bottom sirloin and beef ribs. The cheese bread was outstanding as was the polenta. FdC is much less money than TdB but I would much rather pay the premium for perfection.

                After the Coyote game we hit Gordon Biersch and I have to say the sliders are WAY above average.

                Tomorrow I try yogurt builders and a home cooked meal : P

                Thanks again for your help. I need more time in PHX!!!!

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                1. re: DineNDasher

                  Wow. That's the fastest report back I think I've ever seen. Since a lot of advice-seekers never post again, your rapid follow-up is really appreciated.

                  Regarding Lo-Lo's, I believe they have bottles of hot sauce available. I use that to kick the food up a notch. One other side to try is the collard greens. They're well cooked so as to avoid any leathery texture and seasoned, I think, with bay leaf and thyme. I always order some.

                  Enjoy the rest of your trip.

                  1. re: silverbear

                    I managed to squeeze in one more meal worth mentioning.

                    Humble Pie Pizza! Try the house made stretchy creamy mozzarella ball with reduced balsamic, roasted tomatoes and pesto sauce for starters - its really great.

                    The pizza are woodfire and delicious. A great crust and the mushrooms were amazing on it. I think they saute the wild mushrooms in butter first to bring out their deep flavours. Great pie!

                  2. re: DineNDasher

                    DND: thanks so much for starting this thread and for reporting back - we'll be in Scottsdale in March for Giants Spring Training and I was looking for something to try - love fried chicken but don't eat it very often - Lolo's sounds like a must do to me - love the sides too - grits and collards!

                    1. re: DineNDasher

                      If I didn't look so much like my father, I'd swear I was adopted. Both my parents were Alabama natives but somehow I can't pick a ripe melon, make good sweetened iced tea or fry chicken properly. I'm always on the lookout for good fried chicken (and it's tough to find here in Colorado) so Lolos it is on my next visit to PHX. Thanks for taking the time to report back in such excellent detail.

                    2. Growing up in Chicago I have a deep love of Church's as well. When I was pregnant many years ago I got a major craving for it one day and drove all the way to the 32nd Street location in Phoenix. I was not disappointed to say the least. I remember clearly eating my staple order from my childhood consisting of breast, drum, mashed potatoes and coleslaw and then ordering some to take home. Unfortunately I haven't been back since.

                      Will definitely have to try Lolo's after your review.