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Dec 29, 2009 08:59 PM

Chinese Cream Buns (DFW)

I am in search of a bakery in the DFW area that sells cream buns. They are a type of Chinese pastry that has either butter cream or whipped cream filling down the middle with coconut sprinkles on the outside. Variations of it include the "Cream Horn", a pastry in a spiral shape, much like a horn, filled with cream.

The bakery at Greenville and Polk use to sell them, but no longer.


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  1. Try the mega Korean grocery store, H Mart in Carrollton. 2625 Old Denton Road off the Bush. They have this bakery in the front of the store. I can't remember the French name of the bakery at the moment. They have phenomenal baked goods, even better than the one on Greenville and Polk. They have cream filled buns, breads, etc. It is more of a butter cream filling instead of the whipped filling found at other asian bakeries. You can also order the cream filling by itself. There are other bakeries that sell the cream filled buns like the one in Saigon Mall in Garland or Hong Kong Market in Dallas. However, I don't like them as much as the one in the H Mart.

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      The one inside H-Mart is Tous Le Jour. There's also Mozart Bakery nearby.

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        +1 for Tous le Jour. Everything is always fresh and warm.

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        Chinese buns and Korean buns (which are very similar to the Japanese ones) are very different (the bread is different). If gelfling33 likes the Chinese ones, s/he may not like the Korean ones. (I don't like the Chinese ones at all. The Chinese bread is too soft for me.) There are couple of more Chinese bakeries along Greenville besides the one next to First Chinese.

      3. FWIW there is an egg and cream bun on the dim sum menu at Hong Kong Royal. Not sure if you are looking for the sweet or savory cream filled bun.

        Call me uneducated but what exactly is the difference in the cream filled buns/horn that the Chinese make and the ones the French make?

        I would think any Vietnamese bakery that has pastries (much like in the right side door of Hong Kong Supermarket) would have them also.

        1. There's a bakery next to First Chinese BBQ in Richardson. Corner of Polk and Greenville. It's the best bakery in this area that I've found. ALMOST as good as a NY Chinatown bakery, but for Dallas...YUM!

          Try it! VERY VERY VERY friendly owners, too!

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            We went here on Saturay after lunch at 1st Chinese BBQ. It might be authentic but nothing we got tasted good, just bready.

            1. re: OCNC

              Really? *hangs head* Sorry about that. Most of their buns, while bready, are usually a good mix. Did you try anything from the refrigerated case? I enjoy the cream buns in their more than the ones already baked on the shelf...but I AM weird.

              I hope your meal at 1st BBQ was at least tasty!

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                you're not weird. Garden Cafe (I think that's the name). Is utterly fantastic. Best char sui bao in town (which isn't saying much admittedly). I like their custard buns too. Of course they're bready, they're basically stuffed bread rolls. I wish we had a place like Chiu Quon in Chicago but Garden Cafe is really the only place that's comparable in the mean time.

                1. re: luniz

                  Garden Cafe! Yes! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Thanks for agreeing with me! (Is that awkward?)

                  I, personally, like the breadiness of their buns (the custard ones at least) but wish there was some more filling in their pork buns. It does me good on those days when I really miss NY Chinatown.