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Dec 29, 2009 06:03 PM

Best Steak in Boston?

celebrating a special birthday with the boyfriend and he requested steak. I am looking for a restaurant recommendation with a nice atmosphere and a great steak. Mid price range and not the usual Cap. Grill or Grill 23. South End, Cambridge, Back Bay are good locations! Thanks!!

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  1. Frank's Steakhouse, Cambridge. While certainly not fine dining, I find the food to be good on a consistant basis and can't beat the prices.

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    1. re: phonelady

      On my two forays to Frank's, I found the food, service and ambiance all sub-par.

      1. re: FoonFan

        Well, the ambiance is a matter of taste. I find it kind of funky and fun. Service is old-school (and that's old school as in Somerville High, not Eton). As for the food - I agree, stay away from the steak, but the prime rib isn't bad.

        Honestly, the absolute best steak I've had in Boston recently was the hangar steak at Metropolis in the South End a few weeks ago. Now, keep in mind that for me a great steak should be:

        A. Loaded with natural beef flavor.
        B. Crisply charred outside, red and tender inside.
        C. A reasonable (i.e., 8 oz. max) portion, not the haunch of mastodon approach taken by most big steakhouses.

        The Metropolis hangar was all of these, but those might not be your criteria. And I've only had it once so I can't address the consistency of their offerings.

      2. re: phonelady

        Frank's is horrible - especially if you want good steak. You'd be better off going for Steak Fajita's at Chili's than for steak at Franks.

      3. Try Flemings in Park Square...It's a little cheaper than the typical Capital Grille, Morton's places and the atmosphere is exactly the same....the steaks are phenominal...If you're on the North Shore, the Hardcover is a good choice as well...great steaks there...salad bar comes with the meal...awesome onion soup and nice cozy atmosphere...they have a fireplace in the lounge area

        1. The price difference between most of the luxury steakhouses in town is pretty trivial, perhaps $10-20/ head on average: you're still looking at $60-80/head plus wine. So Fleming's won't save you much money vs. a Grill 23 or Morton's, and the quality of its steaks and wine service are inferior. KO Prime is the sneakiest: its steaks are actually choice-grade, not prime.

          Your mid-priced options in a steakhouse are pretty limited in your specified neighborhoods, and the step-down in steak quality makes them a bad choice in my opinion. No one has yet mentioned The Stockyard, probably my favorite in that range.

          When I want steak and don't want to pay Grill 23 prices, I look at other formats: a French place with a good steak frites (Kingston Station uses prime skirt steak, very nice), an Argentine or Brazilian marinated-steak-on-skewers joint like the Midwest Grill, a Korean place with grill tables (Koreana is good, but its ribeye is now sad, though the short ribs are still great), or another place with good traditional cuisine that happens to serve steak, e.g., Angela's Cafe or Rincon Limeno.

          Where possible, you can spend big on wine to make it more celebratory.

          If I were trying to watch my wallet, I might go to Grill 23 and just get their prime skirt steak, which is under $30, a real bargain.

          1. I have found the steak frites at Sel de la Terre to be consistently the best of its kind in Boston. (Aquarium or Back Bay locations are both the same quality). A good price point, good wine list, nice atmosphere, and quality service.

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              Aquitaine lunch portion of steak frites is perfection for me

            2. Since steak frites are mentioned in this thread, I thought I'd throw in a vote for Central Kitchen in Cambridge. So, so good!