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Dec 29, 2009 05:23 PM


I am planning on making a mushroom terrine for Thursday night, it calls for sheet/leaf gelatin, which I assume is a pain to find. The one baking supply store in our area that might have it takes a vacation between Christmas & New Years. The recipe says to soak the sheets in cold water, wring them out & add them to the hot liquid to dissolve. In the case of using powdered gelatin instead, do I just add the powder to the hot liquid to dissolve or somehow soak in cold water first? Not sure how that works, any assistance would be helpful. I'm new to gel/aspic stuff.

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  1. I have only used gelatine a few times. A panna cotta recipe I made called for leaf gelatine so I had to do some investigating to find out how to work around it. I soaked the gelatine in 1/4 cup cold water for 3 minutes (did not stir) and then added it to the warm cream mixture. I stirred it until it was dissolved then strained it into another bowl to chill.

    You'll find alot of info on the Knox site. - click on "the basics"

    1. I find sheet gelatin in boxes, next to the powdered stuff, at my local supermarket. But you could use powdered gelatin as long as your ratio of gelatin to liquid (by weight) corresponds with the amount of sheet gelatin your recipe calls for.
      I wouldn't bother soaking powdered gelatin in cold water; that shouldn't be necessary. However, I would prepare it iin the traditional way by disolving it in a quantity of hot liquid that is half of the total called for in the recipe, then when it's thoroughly disolved, adding the remainder of the liquid to help cool it.