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Dec 29, 2009 05:20 PM

what to do with romaine lettuce (other than salad)???

hi hounds,

i'm wondering if you can help me out ... hubby and i have recently started receiving a weekly organic produce delivery. we're really pleased with it (great quality, good value, etc.) BUT we keep getting a romaine lettuce in our delivery and we are NOT huge salad fans! i'm really getting salad-ed out and have NO idea what else to do with the romaine. i don't want it to go to waste!




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  1. You can try braising it, or making lettuce soup.

    1. I believe I've also read that you can GRILL it!!! Hah, Goodhealthgourmet and I posted at about the same time...only problem with the grilled romaine is that, well, you still use it for salad pretty much so this may not be best option for you, Lilaki! about SOUP--yes there are Romaine Soup recipes out there--here's one:

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        you can. it's wonderful! (see my post below)

      2. slice the heads lengthwise all the way through the core, keeping each half intact. rub or spray the cut surface with a little oil, and grill for a few minutes until slightly charred and a bit softened. drizzle with your favorite vinegar-based sauce or dressing, or serve as a warm "salad" with buttermilk, bleu cheese or avocado dressing and crumbled bacon.

        believe it or not, you can also braise or saute it, either as a side dish the way you would with other greens, or sliced into ribbons/chiffonade and tossed with pasta or beans, or mixed into a grain dish like couscous.

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          Seen it grilled before, but have never tried. What does grilling do to the taste and texture?

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            in terms of flavor, it brings out the sweetness. the texture really depends on how far you take it. if you don't overcook it, you just get slightly wilted greens on the outside, while the inner leaves get a bit warm but remain relatively crisp...and the core stays firm but a bit more tender. it's really quite good.

        2. Use it as a wrap. Traditionally tabbouli is eaten wrapped in romaine lettuce. Also, you can stuff it with seasoned tuna fish. You can also try some East and South East Asian lettuce wrap type meals, Vietnamese banh hoi and grilled meats, Korean grilled meats, hoisin seasoned chicken or duck, yum!

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            Yep, was just thinking about this...I hardly eat tuna salad on bread anymore...just put it on the dark green leaves of romaine and wrap it...delish!

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              2nd the tabbouli wrapped in romaine. One of my favorite things ever!

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                Lawds yes -- Bittman's fish in romaine is really wonderful, and it doesn't NEED all that butter. For a weeknight, do wine 50/50 with fish or chicken stock. But when you have company coming over, by all means go for the butterfat!

                Romaine is also delicious sautéed with garlic, as you'd do spinach. And it subs nicely for cabbage rolls, where some people prefer its lighter texture and taste.

                I've also been known to make a soup with good chicken stock, lots of garlic and shredded romaine, added at the end just till it wilts. A shake or two of rice or malt vinegar is delicious, though that turns it into a different dish entirely.