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Dec 29, 2009 05:12 PM

Michelin Tokyo on the cheap

Dear all

I'm new to chowhound, appears to be a lot of discerning gourmets here!

A list of Michelin's 2010 234-starred Tokyo establishments can be found by pasting this phrase in your Google search browser: "MICHELIN guide Tokyo 2010: 11 restaurants with three stars, 42 with two stars and 144 with one star"

Some Michelin starred or bib gourmand places in Paris & New York serve prix fixe lunches which are much cheaper than dinner.

Can you please share if you know any Tokyo outlet on the 2010 list has such deals? 5 days in Tokyo 15-19 Jan and have a limited budget, but the palate still needs a treating!

Happy 2010 all.


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  1. I have nothing against Michelin guide but if you are on a limited budget, you might eat just as well if not better if you put that red book aside and go for restaurants that are serving the best example of what you're looking and for that purpose, I find to be quite useful. Here is a list of top ranked places in Tokyo that serves lunch under 2,000 yen ($22?):

    A sushi restaurant from the list that serves 1,500 yen chirashi sushi lunch:

    Note that dinner there could set you back over 20,000 yen.

    Anyhow, I am planning on going to Hirosaku during my next visit to Tokyo and they happen to have a Michelin star. Lunch costs 2,000 yen but you can also opt for the 4,800 or 12,400 yen course if no other group has booked for it. Given that dinner at Hirosaku starts at 25,000 yen, even the 12,400 yen course sounds like a good deal to me especially since owner/chef would be cooking for you.

    And of course, there is Sushi Saito that has gotten its third star for 2010. I haven't heard that he has stopped the 5,000 yen lunch course for 10 pieces but if he has or does so soon, I won't be surprised.

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      Interesting, of the many Michelin restaurants l tried this trip including two three stars, Hirosaku was my favorite. Had a private tatami room with fabulous service as well as every menu item hit a home run for ingredients for my taste. Price as l recall was Yen 8400 for lunch though, not the figures you mentioned, my memory may be suspect but l sort of really remember it as was one of the least expensive ones tried.

      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

        Hirosaku serves more expensive and special ingredients such as abalone, turtle soup etc for the dinner. I agree lunch is a good bargain since it is the same owner chef who does the cooking.

        1. re: FourSeasons

          Hmmm. It seems that the author of the article I dug up inverted the numbers and it's supposed to be 8,400 yen, not 4,800.

          According to the article, this is how lunch at Hirosaku
          started: The owner had a revelatory soba experience in (where else?) Nagano a while back and it became his mission to replicate that experience. Many of
          his regulars were quite into soba and soba making themselves and decided to help out by donating ingredients, equipments, etc. The words got around and his customers asked him if they could eat his soba for lunch even though at the time, he only served dinner.

          Another interesting point was that he used to have two apprentices in the kitchen but he no longer accepts them as at this point in his career, he feels it's more fun to manage everything on his own as he can finally "read" his customers.

          When it all started, the standard lunch course was 1,500 yen! I don't know how he makes a profit even at the current 2,000 yen price point but maybe this has more to do with his quest of perfecting soba than making money.

    2. Prices are listed in the book.