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Dec 29, 2009 05:07 PM

any good breakfast spots off 84 by hartford??

hey there, i'm heading up to maine tomorrow, and will probably need something to eat mid-morning. i LOVE breakfast, esp inventive stuff, but dig greasy spoon type places as well. i will be taking 84 to the mass pike, so i'm thinkin somewhere around hartford or just over the border in mass. btw, is gas cheaper in CT or MA? thanks for the 411!

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  1. In what town are you starting your trip? Definitely hold out for gas in MA, but hopefully we can get you fed for your journey in CT...hit us back...

    Edit: I tried to figure out your start point from your're starting from White Plains? I'm probably going to come up short in the Hartford area. I can tell you I have on good authority that Michael's Bakery on Main St. East Hartford has great donuts, but you sound like you're up for an entire breakfast shebang.

    Shame you can't detour to Middletown for O'Rourke's Diner, it's about as inventive gets, but you probably aren't nutty enough to make that kind of detour for let me let others help you instead. Safe travels!

    1. Check out Mo's Midtown, 25 Whitney Street in Hartford (towards the line with West Hartford). Not too far off 84 & a greasy spoon.

      1. One choice is Chez Ben Canadian & American Diner just off Exit 61 in Manchester. Take a right and stay to the right, it's on the left just past the fork abt 2/10 of a mile. Here's a review from the local weekly -

        1. sweet, thanks for the recs...i may just hit mo's, although chez ben sounds almost exotic. i don't know how poutine for breakfast would work out though, as tempting as it sounds lol.

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            As a resident of Manchester I frequent Chez Ben's quite regularly and they serve a really good American style breakfast. Don't let the name fool you! Just a little farther up Rt 84 in Vernon there is a place called the Vernon Diner which serves a good breakfast. Also there is a Denny's there as well ,And its easy getting off and back on Rt 84

          2. I say Mo's handsdown, especially over Chez Ben. Mo's has amazing pancakes (including potato pancakes served w/ sour cream). I'm a big fan of the apple walnut. Also- their homefries are to die for, as long as they've been on the grill long enough. The bacon is usually sitting out, so either ask them to throw it back on the grill or skip it for sausage.
            Eggs are great here too- the "egg mcMo" is a personal favorite.
            Totally agree with pp who said this is a greasy spoon- I think it's also cash only, but pretty cheap.

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              Just about the only thing worth trying at Mo's are the pancakes. The potato pancakes, to put it bluntly, suck. They manage to be both soggy and tough at the same time. Western omelettes use horrible cold cut ham that never fails to have nasty gristle bits, and the home fries are cut way too big. I'd even go to Gold Roc before Mo's.

              1. re: yogiinct

                I like Mo's fine, but Chez Ben is easy on and easy off I-84 (in case that was a consideration).