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Dec 29, 2009 03:24 PM

nice dining (with a 3 yr. old) around Rhinebeck, other than Gigi or Mercato?

I had posted a query earlier today about a nice lunch near Hyde Park. It now turns out we're going to be looking for a dinner place instead. It needs to be closer to Rhinebeck/Red Hook than Hyde Park and child friendly. Gigi is our fall back place and we ate at Mercato last night. We don't like China Rose and don't want to do a whole dinner at the Rhinecliff Hotel. Any other ideas?

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  1. I just made this recommendation in another post but I'd recommend Terrapin in Rhinebeck.

    1. what about Bread Alone in Rhinebeck? I see they are now open for dinner. Casual and very family friendly. I had lunch there with my daughter (a teen) last summer and they had a lot of interesting choices.

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          there are a couple (two or three?) locations, and they do show up at a lot of the farmers markets around to sell bread. Not really a "chain".

          1. re: DGresh

            oh ok, wasn't sure. I thought they had locations all over Manhattan. Maybe I'm thinking about another place.

            1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

              I believe they may have a booth at the Union Square Greenmarket, possibly Fridays.

          2. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

            Absolutely not a chain. They're an excellent wholesale bakery with a few associated cafes in the Hudson Valley. I WISH they had locations all over Manhattan. Last year I spent a weekend in Rhinebeck and ate breakfast there every day.

            1. re: EZ Pass

              I wonder what place I'm thinking of. Thanks for the clarification.

              1. re: EZ Pass

                I wish I liked Bread Alone, but I find their bread, sandwiches and coffee to be a let-down. Soups are ok, but don't taste homemade. Pre-made salads are unnecessarily greasy. To me, it tastes like slightly upscale cafeteria food. Or what you would find in a museum cafe. Not terrible, but not good by any means. And overpriced for what it is.

          3. i've enjoyed my meals at aroi thai with my three kids (5 and 1 yr old twins). osaka is also pretty good.

            1. Madalin's Table in Tivoli, Starr Place in Rhinebeck.

              1. adorno, what is it you don't like about china rose? meeting friends there tonite. never been before.