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Chesapeake, Va

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looking for a good resturant for lunch dinner in chespake, va area. moderate price any type of food will be there this weekend

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  1. In the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake these are all locally owned & moderately priced:
    1. Chesapeake Pizza is a good pizza place; no credit cards though.
    2. The Courthouse Cafe is good American food restaurant.
    3. Pirates Cove is a good seafood place.

    If over in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake, there is a place called Jone's Restaurant. It's just over the border into Portsmouth, but they have good fried chicken, BBQ, and home cooked meals. Very reasonably priced and locally owned.

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      Only been to 1 really good place in Chesapeake (live in Norfolk OV area), Yumi sushi. Love it and their Halloween roll and godzilla rolls are 2 of my all time favorite rolls. They are located off Cedar Road, I think. and found their # online,
      (757) 410-8259‎

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        You should try Daikichi (sp) for Sushi. They are in the same shopping center as Party City across from the Sam's Club at Battlefield Blvd. and I-64. The other places that I mentioned before are also good if you find yourself out this way from Ocean View.

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            Hey, what do you think of the idea of a local chowhound restaurant night once a month for the Hampton Roads area. We could all make recomendations, and vote on a time and place to show up, It would be a great way to eat and socialize! Just a thought.

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              my email is bythebayov@gmail.com count me in!

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                  Send me an e-mail at: titan76@cox.net, and I'll get back with you.