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Dec 29, 2009 03:08 PM

Lunch Near PPAC

Myself and teenage niece are heading to the matinee of Wicked in Providence and are looking for a special place for lunch before the show. Doesn't have to be within walking distance of the theater, we're open to suggestions to something in the vicinity. Any food is an option, as long as it's great food. Not looking to spend over 30/pp.

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    1. Federal Hill, the Italian section of Providence, has a number of excellent restaurants. My favorites are Pane e Vino and Cassarinos. Both have very good food, a nice atmosphere and they're reasonably priced. Federal Hill is not too far from PPAC, although I would drive. Also, not sure what your teenage niece will like -- if you want a more relaxed place, i.e. burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc., Trinity Brewhouse is a good bet. I can't say the food is great, but it's good and again, it's close to PPAC. You could park in between and walk. Enjoy Wicked!

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        I know P e V was open for lunch during the holidays, but in general, they're closed. I'd definitely call first to check.