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Dec 29, 2009 03:01 PM

Willow Grove, Pa.

I am visiting a relative tomorrow in Willow Grove, on South York Road(Route 611). Are there any decent places to dine for lunch or dinner within a 10 mile radius? Nothing fancy and we are not interested in going into Philadelphia; just going for the day from NYC. Thanks!

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  1. I love Yalda Grille which is a little north of Willow Grove on the corner of 611 and Horsham Road. It's a right turn onto Horsham road, then restaurant is immediately on your left. It is an Afghani Restaurant, the family is very friendly and the food delicious. Not fancy and pretty inexpensive. There are several threads on chowhound already. There's a sushi restaurant that is closer to Willow Grove on 611 called Ooka that's pretty good too. and La Vang, a Vietnamese French on 101 E Moreland Rd, very close to the mall. I've had some terrific things there and some just so-so items, so I guess it depends on what you order. But, any of these would be better than the chain restaurants in the mall. Willow Grove is a little out of my area, so maybe some of the other chowhounds will give you more ideas. Have Fun!

    Have Fun!

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      I'll second the Yalda Grille recommendation. Good food, good prices, nice people, BYO, what else do you need?

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        There's the new Pho and Beyond -- detail somewhere on this site.

        1. re: bucksguy14

          I'll third the Yalda recommendation! Great great great food. Perfect if you are not interested in anything fancy. Did I say the food was great?

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          La Vang is no longer there. We went to Franconi's on Sunday and saw there is a sign up for a new mediterrian/italian place.

          1. re: Imeeyore24

            We went to La Vang once. Did not like it at all. I am not surprised it is gone.

        3. Marco Polo, further down 611 at Church Rd in Elkins Park, is quite good Italian. If you are looking for something a bit more upscale with a bar, consider it. The whole grilled fish is great and they have a lot of game meat in addition to plenty of classic Italian dishes.

          1. Highly suggest everyone to go to La Fusion Cafe, it's amazing. They have a wonderful sushi bar, and gourmet food from the kitchen. Your choice+ great BYOB.

            la fusion cafe
            3 Easton Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090