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Dec 29, 2009 02:24 PM

saffron caviar?

i seen a show the other day where the chef was dripping a liquid into cold water? and when it his the water it would form little balls.she scooped them out and they looked like fish eggs.she call it saffron cavier on the account that she used saffron for flavoring the liquid.looks cool ,whats the stuff that makes the little balls ?

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  1. ok i found something .calsium chloride and sodium alginate work together to make the gelling,but i still dont know how to mix them to do that .any suggestions?

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      If you google "spherification" there are all sorts of results and walk throughs for this process.

      Here's a vid.

      Also, an easier technique to get into - you can create little caviar-like orbs using gelatin or agar in a hot liquid and using an eye dropper to drip that into cold grapeseed oil.
      It won't have a real caviar texture like you'll get with the alginate technique, but it's easier and sorta cool in its own right. And you could get what you need anywhere.

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        awesome ! thanks guys ,just what i ways looking for

    2. Here are some kits produced by Ferran Adria - I believe that there is one for making the caviar - good luck....

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        cool website but i think i missed the how to part of it .thanks for the link tho

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          Ferran's stuff is really amazingly packaged but WAY too pricey. I found Sodium Alginate and Calcium chloride at in the molecular gastronomy section. They also have syringes of two different sizes and a larger pipette (which I just bought but haven't played with just yet). What you'll need is a pretty accurate scale which can measure to the .1 grams. You won't find a scale like this at Bed Bath and Beyond. I found mine at Amazon. It put me back only 50 bucks and has made my baking life a breeze. The powders themselves won't cost you more than 45 and the syringes are roughly 3-5 bucks. So you'd already be spending half the cost getting all of your supplies through other means.

          I've made a few different kinds of caviar so far, my favorite being out of grapefruit izzy soda. I've got some photos of the first time I made caviar on my blog: I'm using a very, very small syringe which you can't get without a prescription but can buy in the 100's off of Amazon quite easily and cheaply (I got 100 for 13 bucks).

          The tutorial I used is here:
          There are links on this site to the scale that I now own as well as places to find the ingredients.

          Make sure you follow it very closely - getting all of your measurements as close as possible. And read the comments too - people have had problems getting it to work and there suggestions on whether to use filtered water or tap as well as what order you mix things.

          Hopefully that's what you are looking for! Have fun!

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            nice ,looks like you are my best friend.just what the doctor ordered.i bookmarked your blog as well.thanks