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Dec 29, 2009 02:11 PM

Hills Brothers BBQ

I'd like to start a thread about the long gone Hills Brothers Barbecue at 22nd and Cherry. Someone mentioned it lamentingly in another thread which jogged my memory. There is a story about LBJ sending the Secret Service there to get his dinner. The ribs there were the best I've ever had. Anyone have any information or stories about that great place?

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  1. My family are the decendents of hills brothers bbq. They are now called Williams' bbq. They cater and do festivals. My husband is the grandson of the original hills. As they have all passed. Write me back and can give more info.

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      Thanks for writing silviesosa . How long ago did that place close?
      Do the Williams' use the same recipes? I can almost taste those ribs and it makes my stomach growl to think of them.

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        I am not sure how long ago it closed down, I would have to ask my husband. The Williams' have taken the recipes and added to them, but I guess u could say it's very similar. My husband is the cook, his father taught him. My husband has learned to master the pit that he uses and there is none of the other family members that can use the pit. My husband is always making orders on the side from home. If u are will to try it, let me know. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, forgot that I commented on this.

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        Hello sylviesosa

        Im writing a book about the Central District in the 50's. Can I contact you about the legacy of your husband's family's old business, Hills Brothers BBQ?

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          How do you contact the Williams BBQ to do catering?

        2. Hills Bros. Barbeque on 22nd and E. Cherry was the greatest barbecue EVER! They smoked all of their meat before putting on the sauce from one star - mild- to four star-the hottest! There was something they put in their sauce I have never been able to duplicate -- a flavor of smoked herb maybe.
          All of the service was pass through out of a side window in the bright yellow painted building. We stood in line to get ribs usually with white bread and butter and sometimes sweet potato pie.
          The last time I got ribs there was in 1999. I don't know when they closed for good. I would love to have that recipe.-- Karsten

          1. Oh, the very best bbq. I continue to search for that flavor. My parents were raised on the hill, we lived in Montlake when I was born.
            My favorite story happened in 1986 - my father had a triple bypass , was in Providence, and was refusing to eat. the doctors said he needed to eat and could have anything at this point. It was late and drove to Hills Bros to get him, and myself a sandwich. I told the man my story, left with my sandwiches and Dad enjoyed every bite.

            Then in 1992 I went back with my parents started the store and the man finished it for me. He really remembered the night I got the sandwiches.
            Thanks for the trip down memory lane.