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Dec 29, 2009 01:49 PM

Best latte in Edmonton?

Where do you go to get the perfect latte in Edmonton?

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  1. Transcend Coffee on the southside.

    1. I'm not a latte consumer, leaning towards americano's and espresso's, but I think we are developing a few decent options in town. Transcend, Leva, DaCapo, Three Banana's, Credo, Jojo's, Tesoro just to name a few. Hopefully, others will chime in and help narrow things down.

      1. I like Sobey's urban fare because they use st city roasters. The actual making process isn't fancier than starbucks, but the coffee is great.

        Credo is okay, but I find intelligentsia espresso too smoky. They do the fancy designs on your coffee whether you want it or not.

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          1. re: John Manzo

            If you want a proper cappuccino. They told me that they don't froth milk that way. I got a latte.

            1. re: Bryn

              Ask for a monk's hood- most good baristas would consider that a challenge and would be happy to oblige. Making a "hooded" cappo with non overstretched milk (like the garbage at Starbucks) is just as tough as good latte art. The fellow at Transcend who won the 2008 prairies barista comp (Chad) prides himself on making a trad cappo- but you will not get a big airy pillow of foam because that is overstretched and wrong. It would be like asking a baker to burn a baguette for you.

              I asked why wouldn't want it because OP asked about lattes.

              1. re: John Manzo

                My problem is I like the over stretched foam, but I also like the dense foam and they add way too much milk to their cappos at credo (I've been there several times because friends like it and I ask for less milk more foam and they tell me i'm wrong). I'll try transcend next time I'm down there and ask for that, thanks.

                1. re: Bryn

                  OMG...can not believe no one said anything about L'Espresso Cafe, this is the best place in Edmonton if you are serious about your cup of java, not to mention their delicious Panini and desserts...hmmmm Baklava!! you must try them out!

          2. when i'm in town, i always stop by for a great coffee by adriano zenari of zenari's