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Dec 29, 2009 01:45 PM

Pear Chutney

It seems that this holiday the popular thing to give as a gift among my friends was pear chutney. I'm a pescetarian, I was wondering who had some tasty ways to enjoy the kindness others have shared with me. Thanks

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  1. Somebody gave me some of that stuff too. I couldn't find anything that paired with it; and I threw it out. Some pretty bad stuff, IMO.
    So, while I can't tell you what it does go well with, I can tell you that it does not go well on toast, crackers, wheat bread or bagels.

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      i've liked chutney with cheddar on whole wheat toast, but thats the only use I could think of....

      1. I've only made pear chutney once and have to say it was not a great success. It worked OK with some of the fattier meats - like pork and duck - biut I appreciate that's no use to the OP.

        It would be fine with a vegetarian curry or, indeed, a rich veggie pate.

        1. First things first. Do you like the flavor and texture on its own? If not, chuck it.

          If it works for you, chutneys are typically paired with curries -- usually meat curries where it can mute some of the spice heat, but that shouldn't influence you -- so using it as a condiment to soothe any spicy S.Asian dishes will work. Dab some onto a nan and scoop up some curry...

          Another direction woudl be to pair it with cheese, either on crackers, crostini, or in a sandwich or a wrap. I'm guessing that a simple cream cheese or plain goat cheese would work, but that really depends on the chutney seasoning.

          1. I like the cheese idea. My husband actually likes some chutneys on ice cream, but that really depends on what else is in it.