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Dec 29, 2009 01:40 PM

If I love borscht, what are other especially hearty soup recipes?

Thanks! I've made and pretty much mastered a good list of soups, but last night when I made borscht, I thought, wow: This gives me energy. Probably it's the iron and maybe B-vitamins, and who knows what else.

But anyhow, does anyone have suggestions for other hearty and interesting soups? I do eat meat, although veg recipes are also fine. I think my favorite flavors are from the Middle East (Morocco, Turkey, Jordan, etc.) and Eastern Europe/Russia.


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  1. when i hear "hearty" i think of the following:
    - mushroom barley (or beef with barley)
    - minestrone
    - Thai coconut curry
    - chowder
    - lentil
    - black bean
    - split pea

    you might find something appealing here:

    1. I make a beef and cabbage soup that has kidney beans, tomatoes, and chili powder in it. It's very filling and easy to make. Let me know if you want the recipe.

      1. I like beets, but I've never tried eating borscht because that Pepto Bismol look put me off. Is it worth it for me to overcome this obstacle?

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          I've only ever had the "clear" type of borscht, and I love it -- tangy but sweet and somehow just perfect for a winter night. As I know it, it's just a gorgeous dark ruby red, though it'll turn the same surreal pink colour if you add sour cream (some do, I never have.)

          Beet soup is one of those things that has a million variations, and chances are, if you like beets, there'll be a borscht recipe out there that you'll enjoy.

        2. Chinese oxtail soup with cabbage, carrots, celery, potatoes, and onions.

          1. Finnish style Mojakka. I like it with barley added.