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Dec 29, 2009 01:14 PM

Baby it's cold outside(msp)

and that means it is time for cassoulet....Who has the best? I am looking at Meritage and Vincent, the usual suspects, any hidden gems I should know about?

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  1. I had excellent cassoulet at the Strip Club earlier this month. I also stole a bit of cassoulet from a friend at Heartland at the end of last winter. I am not sure which would win - but I can tell you that I would happily eat both again. (The friend I stole the bite from at Heartland said it was about on par with Meritage. I have not actually tried Meritage myself.)

    1. Lenny Russo at Heartland usually has some form of cassoulet on the menu all winter. We dined there last Saturday night and had a great version with wild boar.

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        I have enjoyed the cassoulet at Heartland as well. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much I had to go back there to eat it again the next week. It was a rich, unctuous bowl of hearty goodness. The first time I tried it, it was topped with a bit of crispy pork belly and the second time a crispy pheasant leg. I liked the cassoulet at Vincent, but I preferred the one at the Heartland much more. The Vincent version almost seemed like there were separate components mixed together, whereas the the Heartland version had everything melded together. Yum!

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          jfood had both the Heartland and the Meritage in the same week. As good as the Heartland was, you should also try the Meritage. If you truly are "Big" the portion size at Meritage is much larger and the flavors are superb.

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            Thanks jfood. I will definitely have to give it a try.

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              My response is long overdue, but thank you for the cassoulet recommendation at Meritage. It was not only big in size, but also in taste. The crispy duck leg on top was delicious, as was the delicately flavored garlic sausage and perfectly cooked beans.

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                Glkad you liked it. Heading to MSP today to have fun in the snow. looks like hotel or take out tonight. blech

        2. Meritage has the best cassoulet jfood has tried. Tremendous portion, beautiful flavors and a beautiful room. Blows the others away.

          1. If you're familiar with Eli's Food & Cocktails (1225 Hennepin Ave, MPLS), then you know that while their menu is good, their "specials board" is where it's at. One glorious week last winter, they ran cassoulet as their entree special. If you're fortunate enough to be there when they're serving it, get it. The ingredients were commonplace, but the flavors were outstanding. Fair warning, though, your portion will not be big enough!

            1. I've had some fantastic cassoulet from Corner Table in the past. Not sure if it is on their current menu, but highly recommended if it is.

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                  get an order of frites as well to dip in the cassoulet.