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Dec 29, 2009 12:59 PM

the ultimate clasicist recipe involving sole and langoustines?


I need some pointers from those more experienced than myself:

I have promised my father to make this years New Year's dinner (my tutn this year ;-)) a "seriously nostalgic night of reactionary emotions".

This is not to be taken to literally, but I have a starting point: sole.

Originally, I planned to attempt at a clean-cut sole meunière. For one thing, this is perhaps a bit boring. More importantly, I just heard that a childhood friend of mine can offer me fresh langoustines on new year's eve (he is a professional fisherman).

In short: What is the most classic dish to combine these two ingredients?

All suggestions will be greatly appreiciated!

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  1. Stuffed Sole......instead of the classic lump crabmeat stuffing, substitute your langoustines. I like my stuffed sole with seasoned bread crumbs on top, toasted and a lemon butter sauce. There's a picture in a thread of my favorite Stuffed Sole dish from Jimmy's Italian Restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ that a recommended to Austin Chowhound back in the's his pictures that he posted from his trip. A basic recipe for this exact dish with a suggestion of using langoustines is also in the thread

    1. I would saute the langoustines, some copped green onion, butter, bread crumbs, remove it from the heat and add some tarragon, heavy cream and fresh lemon juice and fold that into the fillets; then bake them and baste them several times in their own liquids that have collected in the baking dish.