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Dec 29, 2009 12:29 PM

backyard wedding catering - Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, North Orange County

It's time for me to pick a caterer for my backyard wedding in Walnut (just south of the 10 freeway, near where the 60 and 57 meet), and Chowhound has been a great help!

So far we've checked out Auntie Em's (unavailable for the date I'm planning on, unfortunately), Happy Trails, Elements Kitchen, Patina, and Primal Alchemy. Just wanted to hear about any experiences with these places, and any further suggestions for good caterers in the area.

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  1. I've been to several events catered by Auntie Em's and recommend them most highly.
    Terrific food...very nice peopel. Hosts have always seemed extremely pleased.

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      I just heard back from Auntie Em's and unfortunately, they're not available on my set date. Bummer! I've edited the original post.

    2. Try Huntington Catering Co in Pasadena. Great selection of all kinds of food at very reasonable prices and a n extremely friendly staff.

      1. My wife and I got married in October, and I'd recommend the caterer we used--Simply Elegant in South Pasadena. The food was great, the price was reasonable, and the owner, Mike, couldn't have been nicer or more accommodating.

        1. Not sure if they serve that area specifically, but we used Contemporary Catering for our backyard wedding a couple of years ago, and they were great-

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions! We ended up going with Huntington Catering Co. and were very, very happy with everything. Good food, very reasonable prices, and the entire staff was so friendly and great to work with. I felt like my guests and I were in great hands. Highly recommended!