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Dec 29, 2009 12:25 PM

Steamer Ring?

I seek a small round tripod ring to keep a pudding bowl off the bottom surface of a pot during steaming. I have two, bought long ago, so I know they exist. Any suggestions?

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  1. Not a tripod, but a squat can with top and bottom removed will work - although these days few cans have bottom rims.

    Cookie and biscuit cutters of any shape will work as long as they are open on top and have no handles.

    1. What GG said. I'll bet three cat food cans would make a very stable base. If you don't have a cat, buy quality cat food and make a pate.

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      1. re: yayadave

        That reminds me - wire together 3 or 4 canning jar rings. YYD, I can tell you don't have cats....the cans have had non-openable bottoms for years, like most every other can. Sometimes the "old" style is used on Asian imported foods.

        1. re: greygarious

          You could poke holes in the bottom so they won't float. We have cats, but I think they get the rabbit terrine and I get .... oh, never mind.

        1. re: Miss Priss

          Bingo! It, they, eluded a determined search. Thanks ever so much:

            1. re: Miss Priss

              Further thanks to Miss Priss. A decade-long search ended! Were she a neighbor and a beanie, I would offer one of my seven cassoulets. My Christmas pudding preparation time will be cut by 80% and she will be in my thoughts with much gratitude.

        2. Do you have a local asian store? My girlfriend's mom has a bunch of those but not sure they are made to withstand steaming (not sure of the composition of the metal).