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Dec 29, 2009 11:54 AM

Venison (Dallas)

Where can I buy Venison in Dallas?

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  1. Good luck with this one! I've been searching for over 4 years. You can find sausage! My butcher at my CM says there is someone around Keller that sells it but she can't recall the name.
    Will advise if I ever find out.

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      I realize that this isnt exactly what you are looking for, but they have recently added a few venison items on the menu at Twin Peaks. I thought their venison chili was pretty d@mned tasty. I wish it would have been in a bigger bowl.

      Again,I know that you are looking for a place to purchase uncooked meat but I figured it wouldnt hurt to toss the twin peaks reference your way. Grab a few buddies and go have some venison chili washed down with a 22 ounce draft or 6. You know there will be a football game or two on during december at a breastaurant.

      1. re: battman1_2000

        Well, another restaurant option is Ellerbe's on Magnolia - FW's South Side. They offer lunch and dinner selections that include the much praised Axis.

        A neighbor has eaten Axis elsewhere (as point of comparison) and said that the Axis (burger) at Ellerbe's is a very high representation of the meat.

      2. Fresh venison is HARD to find unless you know someone who hunts. (I have a freezer full, thanks to my father!) Texas law (maybe federal) says you can't sell wild game unless it has been commercially processed.

        These guys sell via the internet and they have a store in Eden, which is near San Angelo.

        1. Not sure but, try Kuby's and Rudolph's.

          1. Try Ye Old Butcher Shop in Plano. I believe he sells Venison and Elk.

            1. According to their web site, Hirsch's Meat Market in Plano carries it.