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Dec 29, 2009 11:53 AM

Yet another Bar Charlie question

I've dined at Bar Charlie and had their amazing 14-course "off-the-cuff" meal which was quite a memorable experience. On my upcoming trip I'm hoping to dine there. One of my dining companions is not the extended, multi-course meal type and I'm considering the 5 or 7 course menus. Does anyone have any experience with these menus? I recall the portion sizes of the 14-course menu being quite small which was completely appropriate. Are these sizes adjusted for the smaller number of portions? I only ask this because that same dining companion is a "need to be full" to enjoy the experience type. I know, I should just leave him off in the buffet line, but I can't.

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  1. They have been extremely flexible for any requests that we have thrown at them through the years but here is a thought that might suit your friend well - both Bar Charlie and Restaurant Charlie have multi-course tasting menus, and your friend might enjoy the more traditional one from the restaurant side, maybe with some mix and match between the two.

    1. I had the 7 course (funny, I thought it was 8--maybe it was last year) menu at the end of March. I am a big eater (no problem finishing the 16 course lunch at Momofuku Ko in NYC), and I have to admit by the time I was served the pork belly (last of the savory courses), I was too full to enjoy it. The portions start off small so you might think you'll need to order some extra courses, but by the time you finish all of the courses you realize that it was a very full meal. I hope you and your friend have a great time.