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Dec 29, 2009 11:19 AM

Go Guo's Korean BBQ, Greenville NC

This finally opened last week around Christmas. Anyway, this is Americanized Korean bbq, with a very limited menu: grill table stuff, a couple of hot pots, and workaday Chinese(General Tso's, etc.). You can get a Korean grill plate in spicy lamb(not actually spicy), steak, chicken, and duck. There are a couple of hot pots also: shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. We shared a lamb grill plate. Also, the range of 10-15 starters that I've had at other Korean restaurants isn't offered. They do bring out a decent sized dish of kimchee beforehand.

It's pretty good for what it is- basically a slightly more adventurous hibachi- and Greenville can always use a change of pace or three.

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  1. Today my Daughter In Law and I went to Go Gou's KOREAN BAR AND GRILL. What a Disappointment that was. The only Korean Food they had was Kim-chi and the so called Korean B-B-Q. The Meat was seasoned with a little Salt and Pepper. We had a few Vegies and some Hot Sauce. We had about 7 small thin slices of Beef. The Price was extremely high for that portion. We did ask if they had Bulgogi and we were told that they are still waiting for the Ingredients. What a Joke. I usually make Bulgogi at home and those Ingredients can be bought at any Supermarket right here in town. They had mostly Chinese Dishes and they were also overpriced. The Owner of this Restaurant is Chinese and not Korean. Our Bill was close to $50.00 for two People and we did not have much food to show for. I would never go there again. It was a total Disappointment. You are better off going to the Big Chinese Buffet on Memorial Drive. The Food taste better and you have a bigger Selection for a decent Price.

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      I didn't have an issue with the portion size- I thought the grill platter was plenty to split between two people.

      1. re: KARLA

        I've been wondering about that place - thanks for the reviews.

      2. We were surprised by the lack of KOREAN food given the name of the place. The food was good but could better be described as cook your own Chinese. More variety than typical Chinese in the area

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          Yeah, pretty spot on. They did bring out some kimchee, but that was about the extent of it.

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            Had family that ate there Feb. 12. Rated the place as "nasty".

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              Agreed. My wife and I had the shabu-shabu hot pot; the broths just weren't good. Bland, verging on unpleasant. Dumplings also bland. I think our friends liked their "Korean" bbq better.

              I would disagree with the poster above who complained about small portion sizes, though; it was a lot of food. Just not very good food.