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Dec 29, 2009 11:14 AM

Question about cheese substitution for Fondue


I had a question regarding a Fondue recipe I plan to try.

The recipe calls for Emmentaler. From what I understand this is Swiss cheese. I want to use shredded "Americanized" Swiss I bought at Kroger's instead of a 8 dollar block of Swiss that was imported.

Will this cheese work as a substitute? Please keep in mind I will be using an equal part of Gruyere in the recipe.

I wasn't sure about taste and consistency. I figure I wouldn't miss too much of the "nuttiness" of a finer block of Swiss since I am using Gruyere. So my main concern would be texture and consistency. I've read where some recipes have "clumped" from using inferior cheeses. But none used Swiss. These were mostly forays using Mozzarella and other cheeses not traditionally associated with Fondue.

Can anyone advise or provide helpful tips or potential pitfalls?

I have zero qualms about going to get a decent block of Emmentaler if necessary. But will I really be getting an exponentially improved recipe with it in lieu of the cheap Kroger brand?

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I wouldn't chance it, get the Emmentaler. An Americanized swiss willl have a much higher oil content.

    1. Go for the real Emmentaler, it will make a world of difference. There are very few ingredients in fondue, so don't skimp on any of them.

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      1. re: cheesymama

        Thanks for the replies. It was exactly what I wanted to know.

        I also read where Jarlsberg would be an acceptable substitute for the Emmentaler.

        Any thoughts?

        1. re: pimpinnati

          I use Jarlsberg all the time--mixed with some Gruyere for bite.

        2. re: cheesymama

          I agree - a friend tried using a cheap Emmental once and it went all vile and clumpy. Just wouldn't melt at all. She ended up having to flush it down the toilet!