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Dec 29, 2009 10:58 AM

Food while watching the last regular season Pats game

I know there's a similar thread about "where to watch the game and eat well" somewhere but I can't find it. I'm looking for inspiration cuz I feel like I've hit a bunch of places. Good Life, Temple, Corner Tavern, Thirsty Scholar, Gaslight, Audobon. Meeting someone around 1:30 or 2, would be nice to have breakfast/brunch options, greater Boston area, not too painful for parking, not overly crowded. I'm thinking Eastern Standard but what else is there?

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  1. Spirit Bar north of POrter square? Or (this is *probably* not what you had in mind, but...) Jade Garden on Tyler st in Chinatown (twin lobsters, ribs, beer etc)

    1. We had a good time watching the 1pm game at Doyle's a few weeks ago. Best home fries in a long time plus it really has a nice crowd.

      1. Joanie, ES is not your best option unless you go real early and score seats at the bar in front of the TV.

        Personally, I'm a big fan of the sports bar scene (obviously lowering my chow expectations) and love the Four's at N. Station. (which is never really crowded during Pats' games unless there is an event at the Garden.)

        A viable non-sports bar option is the Waterfront Cafe on Commercial Street. They have plenty of TVs, a great pubby menu of pizza, burgers, tips, fish&chippies, etc. It's really casual, but the food is pretty good. The beer selection is very good as I recall. Parking should not be a problem on a Sunday.

        1. Found the other thread thanks to Google, Joanie. No luck with the chow search.

          1. I agree re: Spirit in Cambridge and the Waterfront Cafe in the North End. Also, Barlow's in South Boston is going to be starting brunch (possibly as early as this week--call first) and they have a really nice atmosphere, being in an old mill building in the Fort Point area. I wasn't totally happy with my food when we went last week, but definitely worth it for the beers, TVs, and old-Boston feel.

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              The only gotcha with Spirit is that if you're picky about where you want to sit (I am) and have any sort of group with you, you need to show up pretty early. But I do enjoy watching games there.