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Dec 29, 2009 10:48 AM

How is this for a proposed itinerary for 15th wedding annvy

I know this is asked and asked , but there are so many choices the fear of making a mistake becomes paralyzing.

Flying in for a surprise celebration on Friday Jan 22 from the Northeast. Should be in time for lunch. Looking for a mix of nice places as well as more casual thrown in as well. Breakfast really not that important unless there is a dont miss. Other than the ever popular beignets. Will be two people , one of which has never been.

Reservations already made ...

August; for dinner on Friday - would like to have done lunch on Fri but wanted to do dinner. Thought both may be too much. But there has been really good things said about the lunch. Also, what time is dinner generally ? Is 830 about the right time ?

Commanders for Jazz brunch on Sunday

Other than that thinking about
Mr B's - mostly positive but wanted to get into the right frame of mind
Central Grocery - would think Sat - as closed Sun and Mon.
PO Boys on day - not sure which place

Dragos or Acme one night
Napoleon house
Lukes - is that anything like August?

Mothers - is it worth it ?
Beignet - should we just go to Cafe Du Monde or mix it up with Cafe Beignet ?

Is there anything I should avoid or must add. Have looked through every post and come away more confused than anything.
As far as drinks - is there any place in particular or just go where the music takes you ?

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Almost every post on here about Mother's has been negative for a loooong time so you might want to dump that. I've read a lot of good things about the Old Coffee Pot for breakfast and am partial to Clover Grill, myself. Also, I'd stick with Cafe Du Monde over Cafe Beignet.

    Places to avoid? My stock answer is Pere Antoine. It's not related to Antoine's and it's an absolute culinary NIGHTMARE.

    Napoleon House is a great place to mix in with the more expensive dinners. Mr B's is a great lunch choice. BBQ shrimp! $1.50 cocktail menu! What's not to love? Also a good choice on Commander's. I'm such a fan.

    Other places you might want to consider:
    Joey K's on Magazine st
    Lil Dizzy's in Treme
    K Paul's (dinner)
    Pelican Club (dinner)

    As for drinks, Carousel Bar is right across from Mr. B's in the Monteleone and is a must stop. They have a live piano bar wed - sat nghts (I think) and it's a great place. If Eddie is mixing then he'll take care of you.

    Sounds like you're gonna have a great time. BTW, any chance you get mention that it's your anniversary when making reservations. New Orleans gets its reputation for a great place to go out on the town for a reason. Everywhere you go you'll get a little extra special treatment if it's a special night.

    1. would not do a dinner at either Drago or Acme, but would go for lunch or a quick round of oysters.
      Luke is nothing like August; both are good and offer enough of a difference in menu and ambiance that you are not duplicating.
      Mothers- skip it.
      you could take a streetcar uptown to many good places if you're searching for lunch or a po boy: Casamento's, Mahoney's, J'Anita's, Parasol's, Martinique Bistro, Il Posto, St. James Cheese... to get you started.
      for drinks, check out Hermes at Antoines, French 75 at Arnauds, Carousel Bar at the Monteleone, Iris (food is insanely good too), Cafe Adelaide at Loews, Sazerac at Roosevelt.
      for music, it depends what you're in the mood for, as they are far too many places to check out. can you narrow down your musical tastes?

      1. As advised, Luke is not like August (or any of the others) The bar list given is good but I would add Bar Uncommon which is near Luke and the Roosevelt.

        1. pizza guy, first question, when are you leaving? Second, what else are you looking for? Mix of nice places as well as more casual thrown in is pretty broad. Do you plan on bringing a jacket? What kind of food does your wife like, is August it for nice or are looking for other nice suggestions. Do you plan on leaving the quarter? ch

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            First , thanks for the quick responses. We are leaving Monday afternoon should be able to get lunch in before we leave. So in all we need -
            Three breakfasts ,four lunches and three dinners. It does not seem like enough. There really is no food we dont like. Didnt want to only go to "fine dining" places as there are tons of them in NY that we can easily go to and didnt want to spend a fortune either.
            Will have a jacket so attire is not really a concern.

            As far as musical tastes - would really like to get the vibe of NO, with the typical blues -zydeco with good drinks.

          2. as far as drinks - head over to Pat O Briens. get a seat in the piano bar. have 2 of anything they are know (hurricanes or maybe the rainbow). good luck finding your way home! :-)

            last time i did this - i literally blacked out between exiting the bar and waking up the next morning in my hotel room.

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                how is that recommended for a 15 yr anniversary?