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Dec 29, 2009 10:47 AM

Visiting London over the holidays.

Had an early dinner at Roast, Stoney Street, London SE1 1TL. I started with Hot Scotch egg with pea shoots and piccalilli, my companion had the Griddled scallops with Jerusalem artichokes, hazelnuts and garlic. For her main course she had Pan fried halibut with salsify and beetroot sauce My main course was Roast leg of Elwy Valley lamb with slow roast shoulder and mashed potatoes. We finished with the Roast cheese selection.

Service was excellant and the food was very good.

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  1. Ahha. I responded to your duplicate post over on Home Cooking - apologies for suggesting you post here, when you already had.

    Hope your trip is going well, John.

    Just to duplicate my post to the other thread - Elwy Valley lamb maybe THE BEST I know. Perhaps even better than the organic Mansergh Hall Lancashire hill lamb I usually buy. Difficult to find (my last purchase was from a garden centre in Chester of all places) but worth grabbing if UK readers come across it.

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      It was the best lamb that I had ever tasted. Much better than 99% of the lamb in Eastern/Central Canada. Saltspring Island lamb from British Columbia does give it a good run for its money though.

    2. Paying close attention here, will be in London in a week or so. Can't wait! Thanks for all your posts, always enjoyable. (Anyone who likes Gordon Lightfoot - among many other artists, of course - is my kind of guy.)

      1. We had a late lunch/supper at Harrods. We started in the Champange & Oyster Bar. There we ordered the Harrods Plateau de Fruits de Mer. It's made up of Lobster, Caviar, Oysters, Smoked Salmon, Gravadlax, Crayfish and King Prawns. It is served with a glass of Harrods Champagne, we ordered 3 extra glasses of Champange as there were four of us. I had the impression that they weren't disaproving, but that they weren't thrilled that four of us shared the dish. But for us it was a starter.
        We moved on to the Rotisserie next. We ordered a Baby Chicken that was mariunated in yogurt, lime juice, garlic and fresh herbs and their jerk mix. It was covered in gravey. It came with roasted veg. There was also order the BBQ Pork Ribs, that came with corn on the cob. As well as a Filet of beef that came with a grilled tamato and mushrooms. We opted for Bernaise sauce with the beef. There were a selection of compound butters offer too. We ordered Roasted and mashed potatoes as well as more of the roasted veg. They were non pulsed by our request to put all the food on the table and let us share it "en Famille" style.
        I must admit that we tempted to try dessert at The Chocolate Bar or Gelatto house. But we opted to take our shopping plunder home.

        Over all service was very, very good. The food was very good, but not great. The pork ribs were lacking IMHO. But it's not Memphis is it. You can get overwhelmed just by the amount of restaurants, there are 26 by my count including a Krispy Kreme dougnut outlet.

        Very highly recommended.

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          You make me nostalgic. When in London--it's been, sadly, 2 1/2 years since the last visit--I make it a point to eat at Harrod's and always start w/shellfish and champagne. The food is always good, and even if not the best to be had, the experience can't be beat. I could just hang out in the food courts all day long.
          Have fun!

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            There is actually very good BBQ to be found at Bodean's in Soho. They make quite yummy sandwiches and it's fairly authentic. It's a nice touch of 'home,' when the craving sets in.

            1. re: zuriga1

              Second Bodeans. Pulled pork is lush. And on Wednesdays they do burnt ends which are just lovely.

              But, at risk of getting shot down by all and sundry...why come to London and eat American food? Lovely as it is and all...

              1. re: helen b

                Oh, and forgot to say, when in Harrods - I think the butchers and fishmongers there, who're obviously highly skilled but frustrated individuals, are more used to Terribly Posh People buying two fillet steaks and the like...which means at the end of the day they have lots of offcuts that they'll get rid of for not very much. I got a whole ham bone which still had enough meat clinging to make a lovely soup for £1.50 with more stock left over. The fishmonger was also happy to offload lots of bones and heads for free.

                Harrods - the Lidl of Knightsbridge.

                1. re: helen b

                  "Harrods - the Lidl of Knightsbridge"

                  Great line, Helen. It could catch on. You in advertising by any chance? :-0