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Dec 29, 2009 10:45 AM

Best Butcher or shop for grass fed meat Michigan (DTW)

Hi everyone,

Great site. In the next couple of days I'm going to be going on a diet (paleo if anyone cares) and I'm going to change my eating habits to go more organic/grass fed meat including free range chicken.

I typically buy my meat from Costco so going to a butcher is going to be a new adventure. I live in Royal Oak and do frequent the farmer's market but I haven't been there in the winter time to see if any of the meat vendors are there.

Are there any great places to buy beef, sausage, pork and chicken? I've been looking at papa joes, holiday, whole foods. Curious to see if the prices are better or worse at a butcher.

I was toying with the idea of buying an entire cow but at this time it is a little to expensive for myself.

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I like tmz and you can buy a quarter steer and its pretty economical:

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      I was going to suggest them too, but from looking at their website it looks like they might not have cows any more.

      1. re: Coconuts

        Wow! Bummer....I liked their beef.

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          I don't think the website is saying anything about discontinuing any beef...I think they are just getting the old stock out of the hardware store. I will be at the Ann Arbor farmer Market tomorrow and will ask someone from the farm.

      2. Yes...its true....TMZ is not going to be handling beef anymore. The person that did all the raising of the cattle is retiring and that is the end of that. They said if they find another person then they may bring it back.

        They said that at the store they have a good 4-5 month supply of beef left.

        I also asked about grass fed pork and he pointed me to a guy that raises them...

        David Baldus from Dexter out on N. Territorial. (734) 426-8905

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          I asked the guy at the AAFM too, and he said they'd have it iagain n February. The guy retired but that they would definitely be having more soon. Old Pine Farm in Chelsea has pork, too

        2. Eastern Market has at least two stalls that sell beef. I know one is grass-fed, but I haven't been down since they moved everyone into the sheds for the winter, so I'm not sure where they are now. I have not tried their beef.

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          1. re: Coconuts

            Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll check out Eastern Market and TMZ and see what they have left (as well as David Baldus).

            I'm also going to stop back into the Royal Oak Market; I haven't been back since it got cold.