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Dec 29, 2009 10:26 AM

Your spectacular NYE's dessert!!!!

Need a terrific dessert for Thursday evening dinner party, could be chocolate but doesn't have to. Having a prime ribs dinner first. Really want a WOW factor for taste!

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  1. I don't cook with much chocolate...but since you're open to ideas! How involved do you want to get with the recipe?

    A few simple ideas - simple to execute but get that WOW with a nice presentation, and would go nicely with prime rib (comfort) dinner:
    - pecan pie (I can share my mom's stellar recipe if you'd like)
    - pumpkin custard
    - apple crisp (really, my fav is thinly sliced baked apples w/ topping sprinkled)
    - poached pears

    1. I made this meringue cake twice, both times was truly special. The first time for 1999/2000 New Year's, as the name implies and again recently. Mmmm, very nice presentation, especially with edible gold flake. Here's the link...

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        I've made that cake, too. When you've made it, did your meringue turn out crispy or soft?

        Mine was soft and marshmallow like but I've always wondered if it was supposed to be crispy.

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          Mine were nice and crisp, for serving on New Year's. But the tiny bit of leftover I hoarded for myself, the next day were considerably softer. I think I need to make this again soon!

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            I made it the day before serving and it was a rainy, very humid day.

            I'm going to try it again in drier weather. I wanted crispy meringue.


        I made a test one Monday night and the office went crazy for it

        1. This is a Rose Levy Berenbaum recipe that I make whenever I want to knock a chocoholic's socks off. I often decorate it with a white marzipan rose, but I've also decorated it with a real red rose and a real white gardenia (Damn! Gardenia's are hard to find these days!) People ooh and ahh when they see it, and then start to moan when they taste it. As I've mentioned before on these boards, I even got a marriage proposal from someone to whom I served it.

          She doesn't seem to mention it in this link, but Berenbaum recommends serving it with it with a raspberry sauce, and I nearly always do--in which case I'll decorate with a white, instead of a red, flower.

          1. Nigella Lawson's Clementine cake is good and different.


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              The clementine cake is fantastic but it doesn't look like a show-stopper. I made it just once and loved it. Everyone loved it. I should make it again.