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Dec 29, 2009 10:05 AM

Seeking best nachos in Birmingham, Alabama

I’ve been craving nachos for a while now and I’ve done nothing about it for too long. So, finding and enjoying some awesome nachos in the Birmingham, AL, is now my mission. I get over to Tuscaloosa and up to Huntsville often enough that info on those areas is of interest as well.

The type of nachos that I have in mind are the type that begin with a pile of chips, not the type with individual chips with toppings. The Baja Fresh restaurant chain had decent nachos back when I ate there in Denver, CO, back in the late 90s. Jim & Nick’s BBQ has something similar to what I’m imagining, but they top the pile of chips off with BBQ sauce. It's just not the same.

Even though I’m envisioning my dream nachos having a pile of chips, I have enjoyed a platter of single chips with each loaded with toppings. I won’t presume that the latter method can’t be better than the pile of chips. So, what’s the word on the matter?

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