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Dec 29, 2009 10:04 AM

B'day dinner: Church & State or Rivera or ???

A Saturday night, group of 6 or 7 for dinner.

Never been to: Church & State or Rivera - but wanting to try either.

Curious about: price point, food, and overall comfort/atmosphere.

Would like to keep price point reasonable ($50/pp including drinks) and have a relaxing evening.

I'm currently leaning toward Rivera (because of the noise level reviews a C&S).


Would like to keep it to Downtown or Eastside are.


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  1. I think that price point would work at either place, but why not check the menus online to make sure it works for you?
    I personally love both restaurants, but the noise level at Church & State is something to consider. Though if you're with a fairly large group, you may have able to survive it.

    1. I really enjoy the food at both places. That's no help, I know. I just mean you can't go weong with either. But if you do choose Rivera, you MUST get the chocolate/pineapple cake thingie for dessert.

      1. I love both but keep in mind that the incredible cocktails at Rivera are around $15 so that can add up quickly. They really are amazing, though.

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        1. re: mollyomormon

          Agree with above. Love Church and State too, but if you have one cocktail, an app and an entree you're going to be over 50 with tip, and at a birthday celebration, who has one cocktail?

        2. speaking of cocktails, just a heads up if you go to rivera. the cocktails take FOREVER to come out. we got our food way before our drinks. wine is most likely quicker.

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          1. re: Clyde

            I haven't been to Rivera yet so can't comment, but Church and State has the same problem. The drinks take forever to come out so good idea to order a couple at a time if you plan on making an evening of it. They do make very good cocktails though.

            Speaking of Church and State, I like it but don't understand the raves it gets on this board. It is pricey for decent French bistro food and service is spotty.

          2. Thanks for the input! Am I missing another location that's similar to Rivera and C&S, but perhaps with a softer price point?

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            1. re: The Oracle

              At a "softer price point" but, really not similar to either, I would rec Wood Spoon.

              At the same price point, Drago Centro should be in the mix as well.

              1. re: The Oracle

                Chef Joseph Centeno's new place, Lazy Ox Canteen: