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Dec 29, 2009 09:31 AM

ISO the best Mexican food in RI

Some that come to mind are El Rancho Grande (my favorite so far), Chilangos, Taqueria Lupita (yet to try but hear its fantastic), La Casa del Pueblo.......

IMHO I love ERG because I love Mexican street style food and the Tuesday dollar tacos filled with meat, onions, and cilantro bring me back to my trips to Mexico.

so let the debate begin!

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  1. Unfortunately, La Casa del Pueblo closed. It happened so close to the death of the owner/patriarch that I'm guessing the family couldn't/didn't want to continue on with the business. I was so sad to see some Chinese takeout place there.

    We tried Taqueria Lupita (the one in Central Falls, not Olneyville) for a second time after not liking it the first time. Found it delicious! And the sangria, well, I could drink a pitcher of it.

    I'm personally not a fan of El Rancho Grande, but apparently I'm one of the only people who feels this way!

    Used to go to Tierras Mexicanas on Broad Street on CF when it was just a taqueria and store, but then they moved, opened (and shortly thereafter closed) a restaurant. Now it's Tierras Hispanas and while their torta de milanesa de pollo somewhat fills the hole left by La Casa del Pueblo, they are sooooooo slllllooooooowwwww. Painfully so.

    The quality of Don Nachos (taco truck on the corner of Barton Street and Dexter right at the Pawt/CF border) has decreased, though my husband still buys tacos there regularly...I no longer get a hankering for even a bite of one.

    And we really really like Mexico Garibaldi both for the food and the atmosphere, though they keep raising their prices.

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      so do you like MG or TL better? I have yet to try either, but will soon

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        I had been curious about Don Nacho for a while and stopped by the log cabin chainlink fenced-in Mexican Taqueria today. A chorizo / carne asada Huarache was quickly and cheerfully made. I notice they have Mundongo, Menudo and Pacita on Sunday. The Elotes with mayo and chili in the summer must be delicious fun. At about 1:30pm three or four customers came and went in the short time I was there. (like GabachaYucatecas esposo I guess). The gracious Senorita in the ventana also offered some Atole which warmed me up in the brisk March air. I really want to try the Pambazo at Taqueria El Taconazo 'inmediatamente' after reading this thread. Central Falls also seems to have some great Latin soul and street treats.

        Don Nacho, 234 Barton Street, Pawtucket, RI

      2. Most of my favorites have already been mentioned, except for the tiny hybrid taco truck/restaurant, Taqueria el Taconazo. Taconazo makes very simple antojitos with a tremendous amount of flavor. It was once a trailer-style taco truck, and has now been set up permanently with a very modest enclosed seating area. (Just to be clear, this is basically one step up from a truck--not a full service restaurant). They're set back off the road, located in the back of the parking lot of the Valley Street flea market, right near the Alco buildings on Valley. I haven't loves everything, but some items are really delicious. I strongly recommend the sopes, which the woman who cooks rolls out to order, as well as the pambazos, which are always an incredible mess but yummy beyond belief.

        I've uploaded a picture of a meal I had there a long time ago, that I just have kicking around on my computer...

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          I can't believe no one mentioned Cancun, on Rte 44 in Johnston! That's my favorite.

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              I second Taqueria el Taconazo. It is the best Taco place and the best lunch deal anywhere.

              My second is Garibaldi's Mexican food on atwells and academy. Fantastic everything including a masterful verde sauce and great authentic style. Get the tamales on weekends when they are fresh.

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                Taqueria El Taconazo is my new favorite now too. Delicious flavorful tacos.

                Scholars of our century old tradition of transforming lunch wagons into the nuclei of more or less permanent structures are sure to appreciate the delightful shackitecture as well.

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                  The tamales at Mexico Garibaldi are still my faves, by far. Other than tamales, Chilangos is my fave.

                  447 Manton Ave, Providence, RI 02909

              2. Chilangos, just posted on another thread. The chile verde rolled enchiladas are amazing.

                1. Don Gallo on Chalkstone, only place in town where I've found real tacos.

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                  1. re: kcward

                    What are real tacos? That's what I thought I was eating at all the places I mentioned.

                  2. We tried Taqueria Lupita a few weeks ago and liked it alot. Not much to look at from the outside, and not in the best part of town but the food was really good. I liked the fact that they hand make the tortillas to order. What are the prices like at Cancun? Is it more American or authentic Mexican?

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                      Cancun is very much Americanized Mexican.