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Dec 29, 2009 09:15 AM

Sunday Dining Options in Rome

I'll be in Rome in mid-Feb for a long weekend. It looks like most of the restaurants are closed on Sundays. What are some good places to eat lunch and dinner on Sunday? Looking for good, local food, so I'm interested in everything from a casual meal to something a little more formal.

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  1. search. there have been several recent discussions
    some listed right below

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      Jen, Thanks for responding. I did a search on Sunday dining options in Rome and didn't really find too much. I'm posting in the hopes that someone out there can give me a few recs for Sunday. Normally, I'd take my chances, but the day in question happens to be Valentine's Day, so I'd like a little leadtime, in case I need to make reservations. I'm finding the overwhelming majority of restaurants are closed on Sunday and/or Monday.

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        heres one set. when i view this thread i see below it a list of potentially relevant italy board dicussions, including the following. our search engine is awful




        lunch is the big meal for sunday in rome, so thats the way id play it and look for pizza or something else light at night, have no idea how big a holiday val day is in rome, but it doesnt seem like it would be a lunchtime thing

        good luck

    2. In the historic center, La Campana, Il Fico and Grano are open on Sunday. In Trastevere, La Gensola and Checco er Carettiere are open. Antico Arco is open for dinner.

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        Campana is indeed open on Sunday. I've eaten here at least 10 to 12 times, the location just around the corner from my favorite small hotel. Usually opens 1230 to 1245 for lunch and 730pm for supper. Don't expect much English. The service is good all the same (I like my service to be helpful, but I don't need to have someone always smiling at me). The food is good, especially the antipasto (on full view when you enter) and the pasta. For desert, try the pastry Monte Bianco or the ice cream. On Sunday you'll see Romans. You'll see quite a few non Italians as well. How many tourists are there because this is Rome's oldest continual restaurant I can't say. If you go here, let me know your judgement.

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          You might see Romans at Sunday lunch, but on Sunday evening the impression is overwhelmingly foreign -- not that I hold it against La Campana. I think any restaurant that stays open on Sunday evening deserves a medal.

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            Just had lunch at La Campana yesterday and loved everything: Pasta with artichokes, their signature minestrone with broccoletti and eel, and fresh crisp fried sardines, as well as the service. Definite go!

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              When we were there in the fall (Sunday Lunch) we sat next to a table where the hosts' young daughter had been placed for the afternoon. he host and his wife were personally greeted by a high % of patrons - there were also Italian tourists, if the prosperous milanesi sitting next to us and tuckind into their artichokes and puntarelle with pleasure could be taken as specimens. We felt lucky they had room for us - it was an exceptionally relaxing and convivial experience after about 4 hours of walking and reminded me how much I have enjoyed other Italian weekend lunches over the years.

          2. For dinner i would highly recommend La Matriciana, located right across from the Opera, between Republica and Santa Maria Maggiore. Make a reservation as it fills up quickly. The food and decor is amazing -- classic Romana. They have a web-site.

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              How much was a meal in La Matriciana? Looking for a place for Sunday lunch. Thanks.