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Dec 29, 2009 08:56 AM

NoHo Taco Trucks?

Hi guys-

I moved out to NoHo a few months ago but haven't really been out hunting for taco trucks. My usual spot is El Taco Llama on Magnolia/Cahuenga, but that doesn't help me at all when I'm craving tacos at 11pm.

Bandini's blog is horrendously out of date and his new one lacks any sort of logical navigation, so I turn to Chowhound.

Recommended taco trucks within a 10-20 minute drive from Vineland/Magnolia?

Went to Tacos La Fonda last night. Enjoyed the salsa + tortilla but their al pastor/carne asada left much to be desired.

My "benchmark" taco is taco zone (alvarado location) and el taco llama for reference.

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  1. I'm surprised about Tacos La Fonda. Its meats are usually very good and is my late-night substitute when El Taco Llama is closed.

    1. Not necessarily a recommendation, but there's a truck by the Superior on Lankershim at Erwin.

      1. Go to Antojitos de la Abuelita on Vineland just north of Oxnard.Tacos and much more, Wednesdays thru Sundays.

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        1. re: streetgourmetla

          Link to "streetgourmetla's" review of Antoijitos de la Abuelita in North Nollywood:

          1. re: Norm Man

            def gonna hit this one up, I've driven by it dozens of times. will report back.

          2. re: streetgourmetla

            I tried this "taco truck" today and it was as good as streetgourmetla review says. I had a taco al pastor, barbacoa and a quesadilla Huitlacoche. All were delicous, authentic and fresh. Thanks for sharing this gem with us.

            1. re: rad818

              you know what's funny, I was here today as well (1230 or so), all alone.

              Had the huarache (sp?), as well as chorizo and al pastor taco.

              Loved the chorizo, didn't think the al pastor is as good as el taco llama. However, they were prepared with care and I appreciated the way they arrived on the plate.

              The huarache was good, I like the masa "shell". Reminds me of a really thin sope, but I thought the meat was lacking.

              I want to give the menudo a chance soon, and will give the tacos a full rundown.

              1. re: ns1

                Hey ns1, glad you made it over. The huarache is a member of the sopes family:sope, huarache, gorditas, quesadillas preparadas, etc. What meat did you have on the huarache?

                Looking forward to your taco rundown, as I haven't really had their tacos yet. Thanks.

                1. re: streetgourmetla

                  I had the asada on the huarache. It was a different preparation than I'm used to, and frankly I thought it was more similar to brisket ala KBBQ than the carne asada that I usually get. Of course, I usually don't eat my asada in whole slabs either, so that might be the cause of the textural difference

                  This marks the 5th consecutive day I've had tacos

                  1. re: ns1

                    Haha, 5th day? Way to start 2010.

                    The meat is tender and flavorful. It's not cooked on a grill, and with a more DF style delivery. Carne asada is not so prevalent in DF, more of a northern thing, but the asada in DF is done on comals or flat grills. There are a million other tyles of tacos in DF more popular than asada.

                    Embrace the texture, and maybe you'll break Cal Ripken's record. You can't stop the streak now.

                    1. re: streetgourmetla

                      Pardon the obvious, but what does "DF style delivery" mean?

                        1. re: ns1

                          Cooked on a flat top street grill. Huitlacoche, flor de calabaza, chorizo, mushrooms, and many other toppings would be prefered over carne asada. I just mean the carne asada is not grilled over a fire.

                          Northern style even in the street would be over mesquite.

                          D.F., districto federal(Mexico City) is the ultimate taco lover's dream.

                2. re: rad818

                  Glad you hit this place, and for diving in head first. Not bad at all, for NoHo, right? Pretty serious menu, I still have many things to try.

                  Thanks, rad818.

              2. There's a taco truck on Colorado Blvd about a block west of Eagle Rock Blvd on the border of Glendale and Eagle Rock in front of the Comfort Inn. Easily within your 20 minute limit. Comes out every night between 8pm and 3am and serves some of the best carne asada tacos, burritos, and meat quesadillas in town. It's also known as "Fred's Truck". I've been going there for almost 25 years and ordering the all-meat burrito and it never disappoints. Make sure you go there M-F... the Sat/Sun cook is average when he comes to preparing the meat... the M-F guy is Fred, the owner, and he dials in the best tasting meat around.