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Dec 29, 2009 08:52 AM

Block 37 Mall?

The sign in the new mall at Block 37 (if this mall has a name I haven't heard it yet) says a new Lettuce Entertain You restaurant will be coming in there. Does anyone know what it will be? Also, same venue, small place called Beard Papa that seems to sell primarily cream puffs and eclairs. Has anyone tried them? I eyeballed them only. Thought they seemed small for the price asked but just now read their website and am inspired to go back and try an eclair. Meanwhile, if anyone's interested, yesterday mall folks were passing out free samples like mad---frozen yogurt, Godiva chocolates, some kind of drink, etc. BTW Red Line and Blue Line both have terminals there but the orginal plan to include Orange Line must have been scrapped for $$ reasons---at least, I couldn't find it.

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  1. Beard Papa is delicious!! I first tried it a couple months ago when I was on a trip to Singapore. The filling is very rich and creamy, I like the vanilla best, altho in Singapore they didn't have Strawberry so I have not tried that one. The chocolate on top is good quality and sooo good. I highly recommend trying it. I believe it's a Japanese company; strange name but so so good. The store in Block 37 seems to be still evolving because on the day I was there before xmas they didn't have a number of things on the menu yet,