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Dec 29, 2009 08:22 AM

Le Cirque -- Anyone been lately???

Anyone been to Le Cirque lately???

Standouts / dissappointments???

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  1. I had a wonderful dinner at Le Cirque at the end of March. Standouts were the sauteed foie gras and the lobster. Service was very attentive.

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      Would you do Le Cirque and Alex in the same trip? I have 4 nights planned with Alex, Sinatra, Botero and Le Cirque.

      1. re: lorishea87

        I actually did go to both Alex and Le Cirque on my last trip to LV. I also went to Bar Charlie for dinner too. I loved all three restaurants.

        1. re: ellenost

          Thanks, can't wait to go !! I'm all about the meals when we go to Vegas.... I don't want to waste a single opportunity! I'm not a big fan of the raw seafood preparations... a little tartare is fine, but I don't want course after course -- so I don't know that the Bar Charlie experience would be my cup of tea.