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Dec 29, 2009 08:19 AM

New to Courthouse, Arlington, VA

Just moved here from Richmond, right near Rays Hells Burger, which I tried the other day and made me feel like it was my 1st time eating a burger. Dying to try Rays the Steaks, but wanted to see if there are any other good local restaurants around the Courthouse area. Just looking for a good feel and moderate prices. Any suggestions.

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  1. Dozens. Why not just walk around the neighborhood and read menus in the windows? Just across the vestibule from Ray's HellBurger is Guajillo, an excellent Mexican restaurant. Right across the street is an Eastern European cafe with a variety of dumpling-like things, salads, and sweet pastries. A few blocks up the hill toward Clarendon you'll find a strip with practically every shop being a restaurant, all good for something. There's a kabob place, TNR (Asian - Tea, Noodles, and Rice), Brooklyn Bagel, California Tortilla, and dozens of dozens in Clarendon. It's about 3/4 mile between the Court House and Clarendon Metro stations so you can walk or be lazy.

    1. Minh's has good Vietnamese food. Earl's has good sandwiches, especially anything with roast pork. I second Guajillo, in that same shopping center there is Pho 75 which has good Pho.

      Up a stop in Clarendon you have a lot of choices: Liberty Tavern, American Flatbread, Screw Top Wine Bar, Tallula, Eat Bar, Restaurant 3, Eleventh Street Lounge (I haven't been in a while). Mexicali Blues has good pupusas. Spider Kelly's. For more upscale there is Eventide (which has a great, cheaper bar menu). El Pollo Rico in Virginia Square for chicken or Carribean Grill on 29. The Lebanese Taverna Market and Cassat's off 29, as well not too far of a drive. The IItalian Store for take out. And that is just the immediate vicinity.

      And Tandoori Nights is acceptable for Indian, not stellar, but does the trick, especially for delivery (they use Dr. Delivery like a lot of other places in that area).

      Ravi Kabob a little south in Ballston area is really good too.

      1. In the same strip as Ray's Hellburger is an overlooked gem, Village Bistro. Great little place with a nice range of entrees. Plus you can hear your dining partner--it's a nice quiet place.

        1. i lived here last year and can tell you we almost always picked ray's the steaks for supper on the way home. We liked to stop at the whole foods in clarendon for salad/hot food bar on nights we didn't feel like eating out or cooking. Pho 75 is FANTASTIC if you're a big pho fan. Brooklyn Bagel has, in my opinion, the best bagels in the entire metro area. The kabob place is good, too, for a quick bite, and TNR is fine Chinese food for delivery. Not the best, but still pretty good (avoid the sesame noodles). Listrani's has decent pizza and standard italian food (also best just for delivery, not really worth it for dine-in.)

          1. Oh boy, too bad you started with Rays. Thats no easy act to follow :)

            You've got plenty of good leads on the thread so far-- I especially like Liberty Tavern and Minhs, two great spots that are affordable for what you get. I'd throw in Delhi Club in Clarendon for pretty good Indian and El Charrito Caminante a bit outside of Clarendon for cheapo tacos (chorizo is my favorite).

            Other random food-related courthouse notes...the farmers market outside courthouse metro, i believe, is year round and should have some decent vendors in the winter. I havent been in a few months but if Quail Creek Farm is there get some bread! Best bread in the area. Also a great Arlington chocolate shop called Artisan Confections recently relocated to Clarendon--salted butter caramels are jaw-droppingly good there.

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              I won't repeat all the good suggestions you've gotten, but down the hill from Rays Hell Burger is Piola which makes a pretty good pizza.