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Dec 29, 2009 07:47 AM

Please help me find a special egg roll recipe

When I was growing up, my family frequently ate at Wing Yee's on Clark Street. They had a lot of good food, but I remember their egg rolls as being unique--I've never tasted anything like them anywhere. I moved away before I could talk Annie Moy into giving me the recipe (Wing had already died). Does anybody have their recipe or one that approximates it? It's been 40 years, and I can still remember scarfing down those egg rolls!

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  1. I have never been to Wing Yee's or even Chicago for that matter, but Chinese restaurants in my area of New Jersey/New York all made fresh in house egg rolls twice a week. The wrapping was an egg noodle sheet...not just a flour sheet or rice paper. Rice paper sheets were used for Shanghai/Spring Roll style egg rolls with a different filling of ground pork, bamboo shoots and cloud ear fungus. In the link below, if the food you remember resembles the food of Wing Yees, it a good bet the egg rolls were made with:

    Blanched Shredded Celery
    Blanched Shredded Cabbage(possibly)
    Ground Red Roast Pork
    Ti Ti Shrimp
    Egg Roll sheets
    Salt, White Pepper and MSG

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      I thank you for your thoughtful reply. I probably should have added to my original post that Wing Yee's egg rolls were filled with bean sprouts, unlike most that are filled with cabbage, but I am going to try your idea for using an egg noodle sheet for wrapping the egg roll--because this was another way in which Wing Yee's egg rolls were different--but I was never able to figure out how. They just had a different texture than regular egg roll wrappers.

    2. I was just doing a search on Wing Yee's and found your post. I was born in 1970 and we lived at Clark and Wrightwood til I was seven. Great memories from that neighborhood.

      Every once in awhile I will have some chinese food that reminds me of Wing Yee's, but that is pretty rare. There was something about the food there, the egg foo yung, chow mein, and yes, the egg rolls. I'll never forget em.

      I can't believe I actually remember this, but I think my mom told me they used peanut butter in the egg rolls, probably not much, but it might help. I think alot of the character of the egg roll depends on the wrapper used. The wrappers on eggrolls nowadays don't seem to have any flavor like they used to.

      1. I was googling Wing Yee's and came across this post... because Annie Moy is my grandmother. She's alive and well and I am fairly confident we have the egg roll recipe. I'll see her this week and message you with it. :)

        I remember making the sweet and sour sauce in the back. It's just vinegar, sugar and applesauce.

        By the way, they definitely used peanut butter in them.

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          NatSmacks, any hope of posting the recipe? I miss Chicago egg rolls so much - no where else in the country can you get egg rolls that tasted like them.

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            go see esther moy @ golden chef on milwaukee in wheeling, i am an egg roll freek and by far the best ever, peanut butter and all on these babies, people order a dozen to go after eating there, family of the old hi howe chicago where her husband was a partner and now chef at his own place

          2. re: NatSmacks

            I also have fond memories of Wing Yee's. We lived in Wheaton in the 60's and our father took us to Chicago for the best Chinese food I have ever had. I would LOVE to get the amazing Egg Roll and Saiphoon ( sp?) Recipes. Would it be possible for you to share these recipes from your grandmother?

            My older sister just sent me an article from a Chicago Newspaper regarding their best restaurants and Wing Yee's was there. I also was back to Illinois in 1990 and tried to find it without success because it had closed in the 80's. I would even buy a book with their recipes.

            I would love for you to share the two recipes I fondly remember

            Thank you.


          3. I would love to see the egg roll recipe posted.
            If not, please message me.

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              I can't believe that so many people remember Wing Yee's! My father was one of the restaurant's best customer's for years. When we went in Ronnie used to groan from the number of platters he knew he'd be liffing (actually, he was always great). I second jilter's motion. I've been in New York for 32 years. I'd go running to Wheeling if I could, but I would can't travel. But I'd give anything for that recipe.

              1. re: pwkaplan

                So.... I have sad news. My grandmother no longer has the recipe. She wasn't involved too much in the kitchen, my grandfather was the chef of the family. She was trying to get in touch with one of her cooks who continued using the same recipes after my grandfather died, hopefully I'll have a recipe for you all soon!

            2. Have you ever tried writing Bon Appetit? They do a feature every month of people in search of favorite recipes from restaurants.