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Dec 29, 2009 07:40 AM

Cancun Airport?

Is there anywhere decent for lunch near the Cancun airport? I'd like to get a bite to eat before driving off to Isla Holbox... Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

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  1. No, nowhere close to the airport. But to drive to Holbox, you pretty much have to drive through Cancun. I recommend La Bamba Jarocha on Lopez Portillo (the main road leaving Cancun for Merida) at the intersection of Av. Comacalco. It's great seafood in a less than picturesque restaurant. Very urban part of Cancun, with buses racing by and wide streets, but they've made something of a seafood oasis.

    If you simply want a bite to eat, there are plenty of places along the way, including in the villages outside of Cancun such as Leona Vicario...standard street fare or comida corrida. But for a good length stop and good service, La Bamba Jarocha...also like it because its got ample parking.

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    1. The food in the restaurant in Cancun's international terminal is surprisingly good as airport food goes. Your first hour of driving will be through unattractive areas, then it improves. Remember you must take the libre road, which is slow, noisy, and dirty.The first exit on the cuota road is Vallodolid, many miles past the Holbox turnoff - I made that mistake.