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Dec 29, 2009 07:34 AM

Sea Food Truck, Nashua Nh

I picked up some FRESH haddock for Christmas from the sea food truck that has been parked on W Hollis St. Nashua, near the entrance to the land fill, in sort of an old gas station lot, i think they still do repairs etc there. Its a red trailer actually, i think it is called "Maine Sea Food Direct" or some thing like that, anyway the haddock was fabulous and FRESH! They also sell lobsters, tuna, shrimp,salmon,steamers etc. The man goes to Maine and picks up the fresh sea food and brings it back to sell. I think they said this week they would be open Wednesday and Thursday because of the New Years holiday, but will generally be open on Thursday and Friday as a rule. Let me know what YOU think, if you go..

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