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Dec 29, 2009 06:51 AM

Lunch trucks in Miami (South Beach)

Travelling to Miami at the end of the week. I have been once before and found the food scene good, but not great. Are there any spots in South Beach to get great street food? Hoping for authentic Thai, Mexican, Cuban options off carts, lunch trucks, etc.

You know the drill; good, cheap, funky food finds.

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  1. South Beach doesn't really offer the whole food truck culture, although I just heard there is a good burger truck on the sands at 19th Street.

    The culture is begining across the causeway though over in Miami. Mexy Trucks and burger trucks mostly at this point. Ingrid Hoffman's (Food Channel) Latin Burger Truck got a good write up by the legendary Burger Beast.

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      So where do I need to go? I am going to be staying in South Beach but there for the Orange Bowl and some places in between. Any options or should I just eat a big meal before I go?

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        Although there have been a few around for a while, the street cart trend is just making its way into Miami. Orale tacos usually sets up at a gas station on 27th Avenue west of the 836 Causeway and is good. A couple new ones, gastroPOD and Latin Burger & Taco are now making the rounds. There are sporadic accounts of Filipino food trucks around the Port area but they seem to come and go. There are also a couple Filipino places downtown. South Beach cheap eats your best bets may be the Cuban places though they are not exceptional - Puerto Sagua, David's Cafe. I like The Spot on Alton Road for their fried shrimp po'boys. Burger & Beer Joint off Purdy Avenue is not quite so down and dirty as you may be thinking, but they make a great burger. If you head north of South Beach to the North Beach area (around Collins Ave. in the 60s to 70s) you'll find lots of lower budget options. El Rey de Chivito makes a great chivito sandwich, you can get Colombian style hot dogs at La Perrada de Edgar, Venezuelan and Argentinian pastries and heartier stuff at Moises Bakery, Buenos Aires Bakery. Head across 71st Street to Las Vacas Gordas for parrillada.

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          Are there any affordable ways to get to North Beach from South Beach_

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            There is a city bus route that runs up/down South Beach to North Beach. Looks like this is the route ->

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        "by the legendary Burger Beast." Thanks netmover.