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Dec 29, 2009 06:32 AM

Wedding in Austin


I was hoping you all would have some great suggestions for wedding caterers in Austin and cake bakers in Austin. We want to have a really fun, southern comfort food theme...think mac and cheese and lots of other wild things. If anyone has any good caterer recs. or if anyone has also done fun southern comfort items at the wedding we are totally open to any fun suggestions. I know we are going to have Amy's ice cream, beyond that we are still in the planning stages!
Thanks much fellow foodies

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  1. We used Pascal's Catering for our wedding in October. I thought they did a terrific job. We had beef tenderloin and a crusted tilapia for the entree. We kept the offerings somewhat pedestrian so that we didn't scare off any guests, but they executed them flawlessly. All the guests raved about how it was so much better than "typical wedding food". I'm sure they could tailor a "comfort food" menu to your liking.

    The guy we worked with from Pascal's - Ivan - is a hoot. Super friendly guy.

    1. I work at a local wedding venue and have seen a lot of caterers. There are many good choices in Austin. If you aren't having a wedding coordinator, an important consideration in your caterer is having one who knows how to run the event. Three caterers whose work and food (of course) have impressed me are Gourmet Gals & Guys, Austin Catering, and Emily's Catering. I think all three have sample menus on their websites.

      How far off is your wedding? There is a Bridal Extravaganza on January 9 and 10, a great place to sample wedding cake and check out a ton of vendors.

      1. Hope I am not too late to this thread.... definitely check out 2Dine4 catering, based right in downtown Austin. They are all about upscale, scrumptions Texan/Southern comfort food. Their wedding food proposal for us included pimiento cheese paninis, buttermilk fried chicken, shrimp n'grits, mac n' cheese w/bacon, tacos, etc.

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          Thank you everyone!! I did hit up the bridal extravaganza, wow, I got a lot of good contacts but that place was scary :)

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            Yes, the Bridal Extravaganza is, um, let's say a unique experience. I'm glad you went, though, because it's hard to beat having that many vendors in one place. Enjoy your selection process! Tastings are so fun.

        2. We used Creative Creations and were blown away by their creativity (seriously), the taste, the presentation, service and pricing. I think they have less marketing and PR than others but have done some beautiful projects for Tribeza and other magazines as well. http://www.creativecreationscatering....

          1. Kurant Events Catering. Check them out. Awesome.