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Dec 29, 2009 06:31 AM

Pizza in Broward

i am trying to find a good Pizza place near lauderhill or Sunrise Florida. Everyplace I try is pretty aberage. Does anyone have a great place?

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  1. I always order from Milano Italian Grill, it's on Pine Island and Commercial. They have a great crust and really good sauce to cheese ratio. They also deliver which is a plus! My husband and I are those picky Long Islanders who love a slice. Milano is local and they have a pretty good menu too. Anthony Coal Fire is good, which I'm sure you have read on this board but it's not my favorite. If you feel like driving for a REALLY good pie - check out La Fontana in Coral Springs. It's amazing!

    1. GiGi's Italian resto in tamarac and pizza time in coral springs

      1. Have you tried any of these?

        Papa Ougots at Oakland Park Blvd. & Pine Island Brothers located on 44th St. just west of University in the Lincoln Plaza
        Mario the Baker on University
        Primanti Brothers on University

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          Oooh forgot about Primanti's new location. Very good pizza. Still like Milano better though - and they deliver.

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            Jacaranda Pizza on the corner of Pine Island and Broward Blvd. The pizza is really good, but I can't vouch for anything else at the restaurant.