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Dec 29, 2009 06:18 AM

Hyde Park, NY tomorrow for lunch?

We're taking my mother-in-law to see the FDR Library tomorrow. I had been hoping to take her for lunch at CIA but it is closed for the holidays. And Twist is dinner only. Any other ideas?

I need something slightly upscale BUT we will also have our 3 year old with us so it needs to be child-friendly. St. Andrews at CIA had been my original plan so something like that would be great. Everyready Diner is at least a notch below what I'm looking for so perhaps that gives the range within which I need something. My other fall back would be Gigi's in Rhinebeck but we know it well and would love something different and lunch there gets us to Hyde Park a bit late.

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  1. Hyde Park Brewing Company. Not very upscale but the food is excellent (CIA chefs?) and the house made beers (typically German styles) are usually well above par.

    1. You can try Les Baux in Millbrook - very small place with good French. And while it's not upscale, La Puerta Azul, also Millbrook, has very good Mexican and a nice eating area around a fireplace.

      1. Thai House in Hyde Park is good if you like Thai food, I have had a couple of enjoyable meals there. Although I guess thinking about it, they don't have any kid's menu options. Hyde Park Brewing Company would have items your child would like. Coyote Grill in Poughkeepsie, on Route 9 about 5 minutes south of Hyde Park, is nice with good food, and more upscale than the Everready.

          1. Crew in poughkeepsie next to the big beer store (Half Time) just south of IBM might fit the bill better than anything thats been mentioned. Hyde Park Brewery is a great option but i disagree with the poster that said the food is good.