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Dec 29, 2009 05:21 AM

What to serve with Paella?

I want to make paella for New Years and I am wondering if I need to serve any sides. Perhaps I should just do a few appetizers. Any suggestions?

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  1. Appetizers - and make them simple. Bread, green salad. That's it. Paella is a 3-ring circus all on its own. The salad is really just to provide a hit of freshness after the intensity of the paella and the bread is just a generally good idea.

    1. I enjoy paella and haven't seen it served with anything other than wine or sangria. However to make it festive some warm simple tapas served before the paella (i.e. garlicky shrimp, those potatoes with paprika and mayo, etc) would be cool.

      1. My brother invited us for his killer paella just last night. We brought pickled shrimp:
        and two small spanish tortillas. My buddy brought stuffed (anchovy, pepper, lemon) olives.
        These made for good pre-paella tapas.
        Plus wine plus port of course.

        1. Great suggestions THANK YOU!

          1. I'd serve a cheese plate to fit your theme-manchego cheese, quince, fruit crackers.