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Dec 29, 2009 04:53 AM

Looking for great Italian espresso in NOVA or Bethesda area

I'm looking to attain some really good Italian espresso. Something that is fresh and can be ground at the store since my grinder is no longer in commission. Not looking for 1 lb bags, more like 4 oz - 8 oz at a time. I dont have a deep knowledge base of Italian espressos, but I did buy the illy brand once. I'm looking for something better this time.

Can anyone point me to a place I can get this? I'm in Vienna, VA, so anything in the 5-10 mile radius of there would be optimal.


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  1. How about really good coffee in general? Anyone know of a spot that I can get really good beans?

    1. Here's a thread that might be helpful:

      I love Peregrine Espresso on Capitol Hill - great lattes. The above thread made me very curious about Grape and Bean in Old Town, Alexandria - and their Clover.

      Peregrin Espresso
      660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC