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Looking for great Italian espresso in NOVA or Bethesda area

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I'm looking to attain some really good Italian espresso. Something that is fresh and can be ground at the store since my grinder is no longer in commission. Not looking for 1 lb bags, more like 4 oz - 8 oz at a time. I dont have a deep knowledge base of Italian espressos, but I did buy the illy brand once. I'm looking for something better this time.

Can anyone point me to a place I can get this? I'm in Vienna, VA, so anything in the 5-10 mile radius of there would be optimal.


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  1. How about really good coffee in general? Anyone know of a spot that I can get really good beans?

    1. Here's a thread that might be helpful:


      I love Peregrine Espresso on Capitol Hill - great lattes. The above thread made me very curious about Grape and Bean in Old Town, Alexandria - and their Clover.


      Peregrin Espresso
      660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC